Here Are the TOP 100 Korean Actor Brand Reputation Rankings in August 2023

The Korean Business Research Institute has released the August 2023 rankings for Korean actor brand reputation. This analysis includes popular Korean actors and actresses from both movies and dramas, as well as those active in web media and OTTs. Discover the top Korean actors and actresses below and find your favorite!

August 2023 TOP 100 Korean Actor Brand Reputation Rankings

The Korean Business Research Institute collected 221,605,884 brand-related data from 100 actors, covering dramas, movies, and OTTs from July 29 to August 29, 2023. The data was gathered based on brand participation, media and traffic volume, and community engagement. It was quantitatively measured and indexed using a brand reputation algorithm.

Compared to the actor brand data from last July (202,496,053), it increased by 9.44%. In this month’s rankings, Lee Byung Hun, Go Yoon Jung, Lee Han Byul, Lim Ji Yeon, and Namgoong Min secured the top five spots for most popular Korean actors in August 2023.

Most popular Korean actors and actresses in July and August 2023. | Brikorea.
Most popular Korean actors and actresses in July and August 2023. | Brikorea.

Top 5 Most Popular Korean Actors

1. Lee Byung Hun

  • Brand Participation Index: 2,387,586
  • Media Index: 2,472,901
  • Communication Index: 3,247,177
  • Community Index: 2,606,263

Lee Byung Hun achieved the top spot on the list with an impressive brand reputation index of 10,713,927. His portrayal in the dystopian action film “Concrete Utopia” captivated audiences and garnered significant attention.

2. Go Yoon Jung

  • Brand Participation Index: 2,682,357
  • Media Index: 2,355,235
  • Communication Index of 2,093,995
  • Community Index of 2,282,290

Go Yoon Jung secured the second place on the list, renowned for her passionate performance in the popular Kdrama series “Moving.” This rising star achieved an impressive brand reputation index of 9,413,877 this month.



3. Lee Han Byeol

  • Brand Participation Index: 1,736,846 
  • Media Index: 1,693,654, 
  • Communication Index 2,483,868
  • Community index of 2,491,419.

Lee Han Byeol claimed the third spot, making a successful lead role debut in the highly anticipated series “Mask.” The rookie actress’s captivating performance earned her a brand reputation index of 8,405,787 this month.

4. Lim Ji Yeon

  • Brand Participation Index 1,634,414
  • Media index 1,638,815, 
  • Communication Index 1,499,900, 
  • Community index of 1,853,355, 

Lim Ji Yeon continues to captivate Kdrama fans with her acting skills. In her recent Kdrama “The Killing Vote,” she successfully portrayed her new role as a detective, captivating viewers. Her outstanding portrayal earned her a brand reputation index of 6,626,483, rising to the fourth spot on this month’s list.

5. Namgoong Min 

  • Brand Participation Index: 1,610,958, 
  • Media Index: 1,625,966, 
  • Communication Index: 1,486,693,
  • Community Index: 1,807,505

Namgoong Min has gained attention from Kdrama fans with his recent return to a historical drama in “My Dearest.” He successfully captivated viewers’ hearts and earned a brand reputation index of 6,531,123.

TOP 100 Korean Actor Brand Reputation Rankings in July 2023

TOP 100 Korean Actor Brand Reputation Rankings in August 2023| Brikorea.
TOP 100 Korean Actor Brand Reputation Rankings in August 2023 | Brikorea.
  1. Lee Byung Hun
  2. Go Yoon Jung
  3. Lee Han Byeol
  4. Lim Ji Yeon
  5. Namgoong Min
  6. Lee Junho
  7. Jo In Sung
  8. Han Ji Min
  9. Park Seo Joon
  10. Park Bo Young
  11. Han Hyo Joo
  12. Jung Hae In
  13. Son Suk Ku
  14. Ahn Jae Hong
  15. Go Min Si
  16. Lee Da In
  17. Go Hyun Jung
  18. Ahn Bo Hyun
  19. Kim Sejeong
  20. Ahn Eun Jin
  21. Nana
  22. Ha Jung Woo
  23. Jo Byeong Kyu
  24. Jeon Hye Jin
  25. Yeom Hye Ran
  26. Kim Hye Soo
  27. Yoo Hae Jin
  28. Kim Tae Ri
  29. Won Ji An
  30. Kim Sun Young
  31. Park Sung Hoon
  32. Kim Ji Eun
  33. Kim Myeong Soo
  34. Hong Kyung
  35. Kang Ki Young
  36. Lee Joon Hyuk
  37. Cha Seung Won
  38. Park Hae Jin
  39. Yum Jung Ah
  40. Gong Yoo
  41. Choi Myeong Gil
  42. Kim Nam Gil
  43. Na In Woo
  44. Shin Hye Sun
  45. Song Joong Ki
  46. Go Won Hee
  47. Lee Hak Joo
  48. Go Soo
  49. Son Ye Jin
  50. Lee Min Ki
  51. Jin Sun Kyu
  52. Kim Yoon Woo
  53. Ma Dong Seok
  54. SF9 Rowoon
  55. Lim YoonA
  56. Kim Sung Kyun
  57. Lee Jong Suk
  58. Yoo Jun Sang
  59. Lee Je Hoon
  60. Ahn Sung Ki
  61. Ahn Jae Hyun
  62. Jo Bo Ah
  63. Jung Woo
  64. Lee Sun Kyun
  65. Kang Bu Ja
  66. Baek Jin Hee
  67. Im Si Wan
  68. Nam Joo Hyuk
  69. Hyun Bin
  70. Oh Jung Se
  71. Kim Ga Eun
  72. Seo In Guk
  73. Lee Jung Jae
  74. Ahn Jae Wook
  75. Hwang Jung Min
  76. Kwon Yul
  77. Choi Min Sik
  78. Cho Seung Woo
  79. Park Joo Mi
  80. Cha Joo Young
  81. Park Sung Woong
  82. Kim Da Mi
  83. Choi Woo Shik
  84. Jeon Do Yeon
  85. Go Kyu Pil
  86. Go Ara
  87. Gong Hyo Jin
  88. Kim Dong Wook
  89. Chun Woo Hee
  90. Ahn Se Ha
  91. Ok Taecyeon
  92. Kang Min Hyuk
  93. Yeon Woo
  94. Jung Eui Jae 
  95. Choi Min Soo
  96. Han Eun Jung
  97. EXO Suho
  98. Kim Yoo Mi
  99. Choi Yoon Young
  100. Park Kang Hyun

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