Here Was TXT And ENHYPEN’s Biggest Concern Leading Up To Their “2021 KBS Song Festival” Collab

A few months ago, labelmates ENHYPEN and TXT collaborated to perform hit songs like BTS‘s “Fire,” BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang,” and H.O.T.’s Candy” at the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

A backstage video showing their practice sessions was recently released. Prior to their joint practice, the two groups learned the choreographies separately.

However, it ended up causing quite the problem when they finally gathered in the same room!



Taehyun explained that they learned very different choreographies, which is why they had to make several adjustments.

The choreographies we learned were so different. Adjusting all those differences was the biggest concern.

— Taehyun

Yeonjun added that the differences were in the small details, so it was a challenge to align everything together.

It wasn’t that the moves were completely different. They were similar moves with small differences in the detail, so syncing up those differences was difficult.

— Yeonjun

Do we adopt one version completely or do we mix it up? I think that was the hardest to decide on,” ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki said.

Ultimately, both groups gave into each other for different moves. According to Sunghoon, however, TXT made more concessions. They clearly treat their junior group well!

We compromised for each other, but the TXT members tried to adjust to us more, so it went even smoother.

— Sunghoon

In the same video, TXT’s Soobin admitted that he finds it “awkward” to dance to H.O.T and Rain‘s songs. Read why here:

TXT’s Soobin Finds It Awkward To Dance To H.O.T. And Rain’s Songs—Here’s Why

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