Here’s What Each BTS Member Would Say To A Girl After A Date


BTS was once asked to deliver a charming line to a “girl” they just dated. This girl is actually a speaker in a wig, but that didn’t stop the members from taking it way too seriously!

RM kept it simple, recalling their date together and thanking her for her time.

Jin took a similar approach with an intimate whisper…


…which made RM completely cringe!


Suga became bold, offering to walk his date to her apartment.

His finishing line, “It’s dangerous for a girl to be alone at this time,” will sweep any girl off their feet!

J-Hope came in bold and aggressive, even putting his hand in her hair!

Ah, wait, J-Hope! You don’t have to do that, it’s just a line.

— MC

He was getting in the mood to deliver the line…

…but all he started with was a creepy “Yeah” that made BTS burst out in laughter!

After Suga called him a pervert, J-Hope was pulled away, yelling “THANK YOU!” after the girl. Better luck next time, Hobi!

Jimin came in awkwardly, petting the girls head and giving her instructions.

Even the MC couldn’t understand Jimin’s approach!

Jimin, you’re not a teacher!

— MC

started by cleaning out her ear with his finger — A typical V thing to do!

He did his best to say something that will make her heart pound, but in context, it didn’t make any sense!

It’s after the date, though!

— RM

He redeemed himself but couldn’t escape his members’ laughter.

Lastly, Jungkook left a manly and bold impression by confessing his love.

Did you really expect anything other than chaos from BTS?


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