Here’s Why ASTRO Moonbin’s Childhood Self Would Be Proud Of His “Esquire Korea” Photo Shoot

ASTRO‘s Moonbin recently had a shoot and interview with Esquire Korea to talk about one of his hobbies: playing with LEGOs.

In a short interview uploaded to Esquire Korea‘s Instagram, Moonbin posed with a LEGO globe and ship in a bottle.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @esquire.korea/Instagram 

Even though the video is short, his visuals left fans breathless and eagerly anticipating the pictures from Moonbin’s shoot.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

And the pictures Esquire Korea posted to their Instagram certainly didn’t disappoint.


Still posing with the same LEGO globe as in the interview, Moonbin managed to make the toy look like a chic prop.


| @esquire.korea/Instagram

And his simple, cozy-looking clothes only make the pictures more aesthetic.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

But fans of the group were most in awe of the two full-body pictures Esquire Korea posted.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

The photos show off the idol’s athletic physique.

| @esquire.korea/Instagram

And his ability to flawlessly pull off any sort of modeling pose.

Fans were left stunned by the idol’s charisma in the pictures.

Comparing the incredible photos with other full-length shots that showed off his great proportions.

Taking this as further evidence of Moonbin’s talent for modeling.

His talent only makes sense given not only the idol’s handsomeness but the fact that he did actually model as a child.

And if anything, Moonbin has only become an even more impressive model with time. His childhood self would definitely be proud of how much he has improved.


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