Here’s Why We’re Looking Forward To TEMPEST’s HanBin’s Debut

There are dozens of new K-Pop groups set to debut this year. Among them is Yuehua Entertainment’s TEMPEST, consisting of HanBin, HyeongSeop, Hyuk, Lew, HwaRang, EunChan, and TaeRae. Debuting on Mar. 2 with their first mini-album, “It’s ME, It’s WE”, you can expect to see the 7-member boy group hit music shows not too far from now.

We can’t wait to see how talented each and every member is, but today, let’s show you why we’re looking so forward to HanBin’s debut and why you should too!


1. He’s already shown us how talented he is

Many recognize HanBin from HYBE and CJ E&M’s boy group survival program, “I-LAND”. While on the show, he received much support and became a dearly loved contestant for both his talent and bright personality.

Let’s not forget about that time when he effortlessly hit those high notes while performing “Into the I-LAND,” leaving “I-LAND” viewers in awe.


Practically the entire comments section is talking about it!


He was even chosen to perform the pre-opening act of HYBE’s “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” with the “I-LAND” song, ‘I&credible’, and he killed it! Check out the phenomenal performance here!


2. He’s among the first male Vietnamese K-Pop idols to debut

The first-ever male Vietnamese K-Pop idol to debut is Z-Boy’s Roy. However, none of the group’s members are Korean, so many consider them to be a multinational pop group, rather than a K-Pop group. The only other male Vietnamese idol is HanBin, so he is arguably the first. 

HanBin’s real name is Ngô Ngọc Hưng. Born and raised in Yên Bái, Vietnam, he moved to Hà Nội for university. There, he also founded and led a successful dance crew for 3 years named C.A.C. Below is a dance cover of ‘Love Shot’ by EXO, performed by C.A.C back when HanBin was still part of the crew.


The popularity that HanBin garnered while on “I-LAND” has made his debut quite highly anticipated, especially among Vietnamese fans. Fortunately, it’s led to TEMPEST having an exceptionally strong fanbase in HanBin’s home country. He was also such a popular I-LANDer that he even got his own online fan event under HYBE after the show was over!

It’s known that a majority of Southeast Asian K-Pop idols are Thai and that there have only been very few Vietnamese idols, such as BEAUTYBOX’s Anh and Lalary’s Hope, so K-Pop fans in Vietnam are happy to see HanBin finally debut. In fact, his debut announcement made headlines in Vietnamese newspapers, such as Tien Phong, and Kenh14.


3. His visuals are unmatched

This one doesn’t require much of an explanation. His charisma is impossible to ignore! As expected, HanBin has been serving looks in the concept photos for TEMPEST’s first mini-album, but don’t take my word for it. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here's Why We're Looking Forward To TEMPEST's HanBin's Debut

TEMPEST’s Twitter

Here's Why We're Looking Forward To TEMPEST's HanBin's Debut

TEMPEST’s Twitter

Here's Why We're Looking Forward To TEMPEST's HanBin's Debut

TEMPEST’s Twitter

Also, here’s HanBin’s ‘Who Am I?’ sketch film. 

Blonde hair really seems to suit him, don’t you think?


Are you looking forward to HanBin’s debut as well? Let us know in the comments!


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