High! Touch (2021) Cast & Summary

“High! Touch” is a teen romance web drama.

Former RAINZ Seo SungHyuk ( “Summer Vacation”, “Winter Vacation”) is the lead actor of the web drama along with actress Han JiHyo (“Real High School Romance”, “Pop Out Boy!”). The rookie actors Jung JoonSung and Park SeHyun are also part of the cast.

LETstudio previously produced the web drama “Summer Vacation” and “Winter Vacation”.

The web drama will be interactive and will follow viewers’ choices. The web drama also has a webtoon to be released simultaneously.

High! Touch (2021)


  • Title: High! Touch / Hi! Touch / 하이! 터치
  • Director: 
  • Writer: –
  • Network: LETfilm
  • Runtime: From Feb. 19
  • # of Episodes: –
  • Genre: Teen romance
  • Language: Korean


It tells the story of second-year high school students going to their third year who can’t miss out on their own path and dating.


Seo SungHyuk as Seo EunJae

He used to be an ace in the baseball team and now he is the social media star of the school. He met YeoJu by chance and started to be interested in her.

Han JiHyo as Han YeoJu

She is an ordinary high school student who doesn’t know yet what she likes. Someone confessed to her by leaving a present in her locker.

Jung JoonSung as Ji EunHo

He is the first love of YeoJu and her 10 years tsundere close friend. He doesn’t like that EunJae is getting closer to YeoJu.

Park SeHyun as Ko Keom

He is a kind idol trainee.

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