Home cleaning gospel for lazy couples – floor washer!

Cleaning goodies to share

Recently found a good thing, tineco floor one s5 pro 2 floor washer let my husband and I no longer fight for home cleaning! Cleaning the floor and cleaning the rollers at the same time, it’s really hassle-free! There is also a centrifugal air drying function, 3 minutes quick drying, and the roller brush is clean and odourless! Tineco UK scrubber is also particularly intelligent Oh, can identify the degree of dirt on the ground, the screen appears red is to remind us that the ground is more dirty. And synchronous renewal of water and electricity, do not have to worry about the power is not enough. There is a front searchlight and roller brush double sticker design, corners can also be easily cleaned.

Floor washer features are very useful

Electrolysis water function is even more so that we can not leave it! Remove bacteria and clean the roller brush at the same time. Since I have children, I pay special attention to the hygiene of the house. Especially since my child has learnt to crawl, all parts of the house have become her playground. For this reason, every day I have to mop the floor a few times, which is a strength work, put me tired of suffering. So, I had the idea of buying a floor scrubber. After comparing many options, I got this tineco floor one s5 pro 2 floor scrubber. The first thing that attracted me to it is that it is very cost-effective in the scrubber. What attracts me most is that it can wash the floor with living water, squeezing out the sewage while washing the floor, without changing the water frequently. Wet and dry rubbish can be handled at once, and it can be mopped and dried without leaving water stains. Like kitchen grease stains, bathroom limescale, can be washed at once. Even the corners and under the sofa can be cleaned. When you’re done with it, put it on the base to charge it and turn on the self-cleaning mode at the same time. The brush rolls and cleans up in a while. The scrubber has a front booster, one finger is enough when washing the floor, and with the other hand I can brush short videos and listen to music. Now every time I mop the floor is a time for me to relax and mopping has become a pleasant task.

Floor washer benefits for children


My house is 102 square meters, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen, rough delivery, minimalist style decoration, moved in almost 1 year ago, although there are children but the home is still fresh and clean. I am a more tidy person, home a dirty and messy I can’t do anything, every time is to use your hands to wipe the floor, the waist is often unable to eat. Finally bought this scrubber, it suction and mop all in one, the ability to remove dirt is stronger, after mopping also does not leave water stains. Wet and dry rubbish gently drag a little on the disappearance, especially at home with children and want to lay the carpet, no headache of the scrubber easily solve the problem of carpet dirt. Work during the day no time to clean up, and do not have to worry about invisible dust at night, it is equipped with a front searchlight, so that when mopping the human eye can not see or easy to ignore the dust has become very obvious, clean really no dead angle, the key is that the child can also be easy to manipulate, a clean and transparent home is comfortable, technology to change life, so that the housework with half the effort!


Easy on the hair

Tineco floor one s5 pro 2 floor washer is indeed a lazy man gospel of the woman’s long hair everywhere scrubber sucked clean floor tiles are glazed usually manually take care of you fooled it fooled you need to be particularly careful to be free of water stains scrubber arrived on the trial really really really dragged a particularly clean walk through almost clean no watermarks dry fast. Overall technology changes life, it is worth getting! Finally, the feeling of use, just started to use feel so amazing like will help themselves than before with a flat mop much easier cleaning power general long time dirt is not good to clean up but with it I will use after dinner because it is too convenient to clean the self-cleaning function than before hand-washing sweeper people mopping much more convenient sewage tanks, then there is no wet and dry separation pouring the water when the use of the mesh pockets to get a little bit or sweeping people sweeping only mopping the floor You can connect the app to view the power self-cleaning This is quite convenient All in all, I use him as an electric mop Home is much cleaner than before, the seller also sent a new brush and cartridge.


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