How ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Went From An Unconfident Trainee To A Stunning Dance King


ATEEZ‘s main dancer, Wooyoung, is someone that captivates audiences when he’s on stage. He has such an aura of charisma and confidence that it’s impossible not to watch him, even when he’s surrounded by a group of equally talented idols.

That’s why some might find it hard to believe that Wooyoung didn’t always find it easy to seem so effortless and be so charismatic on-stage. In fact, he actually struggled quite a bit with his dancing abilities during his trainee days.


Before Wooyoung became a trainee at KQ Entertainment, he actually trained at BigHit Entertainment, along with fellow ATEEZ member Yeosang. Recently, he opened up to fans and shared his experiences and hardships that he went through as a trainee before joining KQ Entertainment.


Wooyoung didn’t have a strong dance background prior to becoming a trainee, but he had a passion for it that kept him going despite the difficulties he faced. However, during his time being a trainee at BigHit Entertainment, he became disheartened and unconfident due to his lack of progress and the seemingly unsupportive environment he was in.

He did have another BigHit Entertainment trainee at the time, TXT‘s Yeonjun, help encourage Wooyoung through difficult times, which shows why they are still good friends to this day. But there was only so much that another trainee could do for him.

Despite these obstacles, however, Wooyoung had a drive that couldn’t so easily be broken. He ended up leaving BigHit Entertainment to become a trainee at KQ Entertainment instead, and it ended up being the best decision he could have made.

Between his unending hard work and the new, supportive environment he found himself in, with people that cared for and encouraged him, Wooyoung flourished.

He continued to work hard and improve himself, and in time, he became the dance legend ATINYs know him as today!

These days, of course, Wooyoung’s dance abilities are so admired that he was chosen as “Artist of the Month” by Studio Choom, and broke record views with his performance!

The ATEEZ members have also spoken multiple times about how Wooyoung, the last member to join the group, was the missing piece that they all needed to debut.

Here’s how ATINYs are showing their love and support for Wooyoung on social media after he opened up about his hardships.

He’s proof that anyone can reach their dreams, as long as you don’t give up and surround yourself with people who will help you reach your dreams!

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