How Old Is Aiden In Dying Light 2? Aiden Caldwell Character Biographical Information

What is Dying Light 2?

Techland is developing and publishing Dying Light 2 Stay Mortal, an upcoming action part- playing survival horror videotape game. The game, which is a successor to Dying Light from 2015, will be released on February 4, 2022 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/ S, with a Nintendo Switch performance in the workshop. Stay Mortal is an action part- playing survival horror tape recording game set in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies. To gormandize trip the megacity, players can shoulder conduct similar as climbing ledges, sliding, leaping off of edges, and wall conduct. Over 3000 parkour robustness have been attested to provide a more fluid free handling experience. 

How Old Is Aiden In Dying Light 2?

Aiden’s actual birth date and location are unknown, however he could have been born between 2013 and 2016, during or during the Harran Virus pandemic that eventually spread over the world. His father saved his life at one time and told him never to forget who he was. Aiden Caldwell is a survivor of infection in an infected planet. He has the agility of an Olympic athlete, as well as devastating combat skills, making him a prized ally and commodity in this perilous society. He can accomplish things that no one else can, and he has the courage to go where no one else has gone before. Aiden has the potential to be a change agent in this decaying metropolis because of his special skills. His age is believed to be around 20- 23.

Dying Light 2 Aiden Face

Jonah Scott, an experienced voice actor who delivers the voice of the game’s pilgrim protagonist Aiden, is the main voice you’ll hear in Dying Light 2. His gruff tones may be familiar from Beastars (where he voices Legoshi), Super Crooks (where he voices Johnny Bolt), or the Pokémon franchise (where he portrayed Bluto in the anime and Ryuki in the Pokémon Masters mobile game).


Aiden Caldwell Character Bio

Full Name

Aiden Caldwell

Other Names Aidy
Born 2013/2016 (Approximate Birth Years)
Gender Male
Family Mia Caldwell (Sister)

Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Status Alive
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown
Appearance Dying Light 2
Voice Actor Jonah Scott

Dying Light 2 Aiden Voice Actor

Jonah Scott provides the voice of the protagonist and stranger in Dying Light 2. Scott played Count Verandis Ravenwatch in The Elder Scrolls Online and Ryuki in the 2019 Pokémon Masters Video Game. He’s provided his voice to a number of video game characters during his career, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of Aiden’s characterisation.

Jonah Scott- Biography

Birth Name Jonah Michael Scott
Date of Birth September 8, 1993
Birth Place California
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Height 5 feet 7 Inch
Weight 66kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Net Worth $500k to $1 million

Dying Light 2- Official Trailer

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