How to Create a Wikipedia Page Complete Guide For Beginners

Wikipedia is a free Internet-based encyclopedia, which started in 2001. It is a kind of operator, that operates under an open-source management style. Wikipedia uses a kind of software, which is generally known as WIKI. Wiki is the software that gives the facilities for developing and creating articles.

How can a Wikipedia page be created?

The articles on Wikipedia are created for the purpose to reveal and uncover the pretended importance of any individual or organization. As they rank at the top of google search results. So the subject is to try and maintain control of related pages of Wikipedia.

It is known as the crowded source encyclopedia. That is why it cannot be controlled by anyone. It is ruled by the trustable editors and the persons who are responsible for regulating the procedures, that govern the site and hold many rules and guidelines to maintain an unbiased tone.

This has an excellent convincing ability, and because of this all the marketers and professionals are influenced to create a new Wikipedia page with little or no experience. To create a page on wikipedia consultant there is some advice which is as follows:-

1. One should know the notability criteria

The very first and most important thing to creating a page on Wikipedia is to make sure that you meet the notability criteria. Wikipedia is not a yellow page, it is a knowledge-based encyclopedia. So, if any page is created on Wikipedia and has been published, then it should be notable and has its own individual article.


The main question that arises, is why you deserve a Wikipedia page. It is not about why you want a Wikipedia page. And above everything, you can prove to yourself that you are liable and notable enough to deserve a Wikipedia profile.

2. What do you mean by Notability in terms of Wikipedia?

When several recognized and authorized media mention you and your name in their press release then it is the real mark of notability. And it can help you to get your Wikipedia page approved.

As per the guidelines, if the person has earned remarkable mentions in trustable and independent sources, then that person is suitable for a standalone or separate page on Wikipedia.

3. Are there any articles written about you, that can help you in getting a page on Wikipedia?

If you are mentioned in an article, it is not just enough to have a page on Wikipedia. Having an article which has the main subject about you makes a big difference. These can be independent interviews, a biography, or an article by a reasonable source.

Wikipedia states that “If no trustable and reliable third party sources are found, then you are not entitled to have a separate page or an article on Wikipedia”.

Where you can find potential sources?

Many of the Wikipedia articles have some scholarly material, available as references. Academic and scrutinized publications are the most reliable sources. Some of the reliable sources are as follows:-

Non-academic Sources

These reliable sources may also be used in articles, particularly from the main publications.

Secondary Sources

These sources consist of research, review articles, monographs, and textbooks. These are better than primary research papers.

Publications in the news

News publications usually contain both fact-based, opinioned, and precise content. They are created by a well-established media agency which is considered to be the most reliable source.

What helps you to Build a Reputation with Wikipedia?

If you want to know how to create a page on Wikipedia, then you should get started to make the small edits on your page which lasts up to four days to build your reputation as a serious user.

This generally indicates that the edits made by you are confirmed. The higher the fact-based edits you make on your page, the higher the chances of not being questioned or flagged by Wikipedia. After all these small efforts, you need to create a Wikipedia profile.

What you should post on Wikipedia?

When you are planning to make a page or post content of yours on Wikipedia, the first thing to keep in mind is that Wikipedia is a professional encyclopedia and has a reliable source of knowledge. So if you are adding something to it, the content should be relevant. And the content language should be understandable by the users. To impress the users you can ask them about what else to add to the particular article, and when they comment on your question add that particular content that they would like to have in that article.

Some useful tips for Wikipedia pages that last longer

Here are some useful tips that will help you become a recognized member of Wikipedia so that your page does not get deleted.

While making the content on Wikipedia, you should add content that is relevant and unique. Don’t add the content which has already been posted on it. Improve your content if some of the audience didn’t like it. Make your content and edit it with what the users want by asking them what they want to add. This will help you to be more popular and user-friendly.

For the entries which are important for you to add, look out briefly for them. There is a watch function in Wikipedia, where you can get notifications regarding the modifications to do.

Always keep in mind the notability criteria and guidelines of Wikipedia before making a new edit.

Don’t add external links that need registration to verify the content. By doing so your edit can be flagged and may be deleted.

Don’t add images with copyright infringement. Take access to adding images from trusted sources.

You should add categories. Adding categories and tags attract users.

Always keep sites of similar nature that will add more traffic to your page. Add Google visibility and backlinks too.


Wikipedia is the means of spreading knowledge to a huge audience all at once. This serves as a wonderful tool for informing a great number of people. It is a place where you can add facts about any individual or organization. And fuse those facts to make a rational article. In the above article, you have seen how to create a Wikipedia page. And some useful tips to keep in mind for making your page last longer on Wikipedia.


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