How to Get Shell Bits in Fae Farm? Fae Farm Shell Bits Guide

Fae Farm Shell Bits Guide

In the game Fae Farm, Shell Bits are valuable resources used for crafting, cooking, and more. To collect Shell Bits, you’ll need to find specific Critters like Crabs (Sand Crab, Blue Crab, Hermit Crab) and Brown Snails. These Critters drop Shell Bits randomly, and they are not hard to find. For a more dependable source of Shell Bits, you can build the Lowlands Critter Conservatory.

To construct it, gather x5 Beach Lumber, x5 Stone Bricks, x20 Plant Fibers, and x20 Silt. Ensure you have a Lumber Station and a Stone Forge beforehand. Different Crabs appear during different seasons: Sand Crab in Spring, Blue Crabs anytime, and Hermit Crab in Summer. Visit the beach to catch them.

As for Brown Snails, you can find them in the Lowlands at night or during rainy weather throughout the year. Shell Bits are crucial for crafting Warmth Potions, which are needed to traverse the Frozen Plateau. You can craft a Warmth Potion using two Shell Bits and two Spore Essences. This recipe becomes available after completing the game’s second dungeon.

How to Get Shell Bits in Fae Farm?

In Fae Farm, securing Shell Bits is essential for crafting Warmth Potions and navigating the Frozen Plateau. Here’s how to get shell bits in Fae Farm:

Shell Bits Overview: Shell Bits are a valuable resource in Fae Farm, used for crafting Warmth Potions, especially helpful in the Frozen Plateau area.

Random Drops from Crabs and Snails: Shell Bits can be obtained as random drops while catching Crabs or Snails in the game. However, they are relatively rare when acquired this way.


Critter Conservatory: To ensure a more reliable source of Shell Bits, players can build a special structure called the “Critter Conservatory.” This building functions similarly to a coop or barn.


Critter Types: To produce Shell Bits in the Critter Conservatory, players need to place insects and small animals, known as “critters,” inside. Specifically, Crabs and Snails are mentioned as sources of Shell Bits.

Building Requirements: To construct the Lowlands Critter Conservatory, players will need the following resources:

  • 5 Beech Lumber
  • 5 Stone Bricks
  • 20 Plant Fibers
  • 20 Slits

Crafting Use: Shell Bits are primarily used as a crafting material in the game, specifically for creating Warmth Potions. These potions are beneficial for venturing into the challenging Frozen Plateau region.

By following these steps, players can ensure a steady supply of Shell Bits, a crucial resource in Fae Farm.

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Shell Bits Fae Farm

Shell Bits in Fae Farm are special items you can collect by catching certain bugs or critters in the game. These critters include crabs like Sand Crab, Blue Crab, and Hermit Crab, as well as a snail called the Brown Snail. Each of these critters can provide you with Shell Bits when caught. Shell Bits are valuable because they can be used to make special fertilizers for farming, allowing you to grow specific crops in Fae Farm.

To get Shell Bits, simply equip a critter net and head to the beach or lowlands in Azoria where these critters are found. Approach the critters carefully and catch them using your net. Remember that different critters provide different items, and Shell Bits come from crabs and snails. So, explore the game world, catch these critters, and use the Shell Bits to enhance your farming efforts in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm Game Info

“Fae Farm” is a delightful farm simulation game developed by Phoenix Labs, offering a captivating farming experience set in a world teeming with nature and adventure. It was launched on September 8, 2023, for Windows and the Nintendo Switch, ensuring that players on both platforms can partake in the enjoyment.

The game caters to various preferences, featuring both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to savor the farming life at your own pace or share the experience with friends. With its enchanting visuals and engaging gameplay, “Fae Farm” invites you to cultivate crops, care for animals, and embark on thrilling role-playing escapades in a magical realm right on your very own farm.

Fae Farm Gameplay

In “Fae Farm,” the game starts with you stranded on an island, but don’t worry, the friendly mayor of a nearby farming community comes to your rescue. He offers you an unused farm, and from there, you can dive into a variety of activities. Apart from tending to your farm, you can explore the game’s world, take on quests, go into dungeons to battle foes, craft useful items, and even form romantic relationships with other villagers.

You can also spruce up your house with furniture you make, which boosts your character’s abilities. Plus, if you’d rather avoid combat, there are magical potions to make you invisible. The unique thing is that even if things get tough, like extreme weather or dangers, your character won’t die; instead, they safely return to the town with no major consequences.

You can enjoy all of this on your own or team up with friends, with the game supporting up to four players in both online multiplayer and local cooperative play on the Nintendo Switch.

Fae Farm Trailer

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