How to keep yourself safe when renting an apartment in Manchester

When studying in Manchester, it is important to do your homework on how to keep yourself safe, in addition to other aspects of your studies. Today, I would like to introduce you to how to protect yourself when studying in Manchester (i.e. Uhouzz).

When you rent an Manchester student apartments, you may encounter second-hand landlords and fake properties. First of all, what is a second landlord? Many students have encountered second landlords, and I would like to remind you that sometimes renting through a second landlord may be convenient in terms of procedure, but the follow-up problems are definitely very troublesome. The vast majority of second landlords do not have the permission of the real landlord when renting out a property, so in this case, once the real landlord finds out, the contract signed between the tenant and the landlord is not protected by law. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant when renting a property and to keep your eyes peeled to identify and stay away from second landlords when renting a property. So how can you identify a second landlord? You should pay special attention to the various procedures and documents of the person renting the property to determine the identity of the person renting the property.

Next we will talk about false listings. When renting a property, when we avoid a second landlord, we may also encounter false listings. When renting a property, you may see some properties that are very good in terms of location, type and amenities, and at a very low price, then you need to pay extra attention. This is likely to be a false listing, so don’t rush to book a room at this time, you can search online for the overall rental prices in the area to do a comparison. So how do you avoid the hassle of false listings? Just look for a regular platform when you rent a room.

Another issue that needs extra attention when renting is the choice of area to rent. It is best to choose a quiet and safe area before renting a room. It is best to choose an area that is quiet and safe. You should also consider the people in the area, the hygiene and the condition of the public facilities. It is important to choose a safe area. There are some areas that are not very safe and have a high crime rate, so do not go there. You can check the crime situation and police information for the area online before deciding on an area to rent.

Life safety: Once you have rented an Manchester student accommodation that you are happy with, you must not be lax about your safety in life. If you cook during the week, pay attention to safe use of fire. When you go out, lock your doors and windows and turn off the power. When entering or leaving your home, make sure there are no suspicious vehicles or people following you. If a critical situation arises, tell yourself not to panic too much and change your route to a crowded public place or go to the police station for protection. Keep cash to a minimum and try to use credit cards or transfers and take out appropriate insurance. Make sure you know some of the channels to seek help, the telephone numbers of embassies and police stations, and the location of police stations.

Traffic safety: When travelling in Manchester, it is also important to be aware of traffic safety. When we are leaving or returning, avoid taking isolated and hungry paths and places that are dimly lit and sparsely populated. If you get lost, don’t panic and try to arrange your journey in advance before you leave home, according to the train or bus schedule, especially if you are travelling at night, to avoid spending too much time at the station lights. When you are travelling by train, tram or bus, try to find a seat in a crowded area. If there are not many people on board, try to find a seat near the driver or or near a police officer. Generally speaking, there are usually police officers in the middle section of the train and these areas are safer.


If you choose to travel by taxi, choose a taxi company with a good reputation. Try to sit in the back seat when travelling in a taxi. Try to write down the number of the vehicle before you get in. When travelling, try not to carry large amounts of valuables, keep your usual valuables in a hidden location and travel with as little cash as possible. If you need to travel at night, try to travel with a companion, not alone if possible, and keep a distance from anyone you encounter if they accost you or ask questions. Remember the police number and call the police in time to protect yourself if you encounter anything.


Today’s listings are for Lambert and Fairfield House and Kincardine Court Apartments, part of Unite Students, the UK’s largest and longest established student accommodation provider. Students’ flats are located in the best possible locations, close to schools, city centres and transport links.

Lambert and Fairfield House, the two sister blocks of Lambert House and Fairfiled House, are located in the heart of Manchester, close to Piccadilly train station. They are conveniently located for both school and living. The flats have a wide range of amenities such as bowling alleys, gymnasiums, recreation rooms, cinemas and much more. There are also many restaurants, supermarkets and banks in the vicinity. The flats offer a wide range of rooms for students, so there is a room to suit you.

Kincardine Court Apartments, located in the heart of Manchester city centre, a few minutes walk to Manchester University. The flats are available in En-suite shared rooms for 3 or 4 people, all with a single bathroom, but with a shared kitchen and living room. The kitchens are cleaned regularly by staff. There is a 24-hour reception desk at the entrance of the flat to ensure that students live safely. When you stay at Kincardine Court, you also have access to the gym at Piccadilly Point. In addition, the flats have parking, a common room for activities, bicycle storage and more.


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