How To Depart Notkin & Kahn’s Home In Pathologic 2 (All Candle Places)

To flee the Home of Demise with Notkin and Kahn in Pathologic 2, gamers should discover and lightweight a number of candles hidden all through the home.

Contained in the Damaged Coronary heart pub on Day 3 in Pathologic 2, Artemy will encounter Notkin and Khan, who plan to enter the “Home of Demise” within the Crude Sprawl district. Curious concerning the fable relating to Demise resting in an deserted residence, the 2 want to examine if this legend is true. The protagonist can attempt to persuade the duo from their treacherous endeavor on this survival horror, but they are going to enterprise into Crude Sprawl no matter what the participant does.

In fact, it’s potential for Pathologic 2 gamers to utterly ignore Notkin and Khan’s plan and proceed on with their playthrough. Nonetheless, suppose the protagonist fails to go to the Home of Demise to help Notkin and Khan of their investigation. In that case, this occasion quest will develop into completely inaccessible, and the Crude Sprawl district will develop into contaminated. Moreover, Khan will stay within the Polyhedron till Day 10 until Artemy saves the Crude Sprawl, after which Khan will relocate to the Nutshell. Alternatively, Notkin will develop into inevitably contaminated throughout the story of this survival horror immersive sim.


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To search out Demise’s Home with Notkin and Khan, gamers can comply with the hunt marker into the Crude Sprawl. The deserted constructing shall be close by a barrel wagon previous a small brick archway. Upon getting into, the door will mysteriously lock behind the protagonist, proscribing them from leaving till they’ve accomplished the hunt of stopping Demise from inflicting the district in Pathologic 2.

The place To Discover Each Candle In Pathologic 2

Where To Find Every Candle In Pathologic 2

After getting into Notkin and Khan’s home, head upstairs and down the primary hallway. Subsequent, go into the final room on the left to search out the 2 boys hiding inside. As soon as Pathologic 2 gamers exhaust any essential dialogue with the 2, they might want to start their goal of lighting candles to go away the Home of Demise and forestall the encompassing district from turning into contaminated. There are a complete of six candles that survival horror gamers should discover.

Pathologic 2 followers might want to mild the candles with matches, which will be discovered all through the constructing. Nonetheless, be alert, because the face of Demise haunts the house’s inside and seems on its partitions with a bloodstain-like mark. Gamers can acknowledge when Demise is shut by a grim pulsing growl and scraping sounds alongside the close by partitions. Due to this fact, keep away from staying too lengthy and use the hand-held lamp to get across the dimly lit areas. Under are the six areas of the “Home of Demise” candles in Pathologic 2:

  • The primary candle is in the identical room as Notkin and Khan.
  • The second candle is within the adjoining room to the left.
  • The third candle is firstly of the second hallway on a wall shelf on the left; this candle is simple to overlook on this survival horror sport.
  • The fourth candle is atop a desk throughout the second room down the following hall.
  • The fifth candle is on the primary ground within the room to the precise of the staircase.
  • The sixth candle is within the first room on the left down the primary ground’s hallway.

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Pathologic 2 is obtainable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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