How To Make Dating Fun And Enjoyable

Dating should be fun and enjoyable – here are some tips to make it just that.

  1. Don’t Have Any Expectations
    Drop any expectations you might have when going on a date, especially the first few ones. If possible, keep them minimal.  Although you don’t want to give up on your deal-breakers, having high expectations will only lead to disappointments. Let him/her surprise you, and be open to new experiences.
  1. Look To Have Fun
    Not every date is a potential husband or wife. Loosen up a bit and enjoy the moment.  Don’t hold back on having or making the best of the moments.
  2. Be Present
    Don’t be distracted when on a date. Daydreaming about 20 years into the future with your date will only make your dreams impossible. Slow things a bit and enjoy the moment by being present. Everything will fall in place if you were meant to be./
  3. Be The Person You’d Want To Date
    What do you look for in a man or woman. Try being that person and live up to it. It will only be a matter of time before you find your best match.
  1. Seize Every Opportunity
    Use the opportunity to make even the weirdest but, respectful conversations. This could trigger a spark or make for a good story in the future.
  1. Be Open-Minded
    Be curious about everything that comes up during your date. While asking too many questions wouldn’t be a wise idea, you can still ask relevant questions, especially on things you don’t understand. Be Open-Minded
  1. Be Ready To Learn Something New
    Lowering your expectations makes it easier to connect with the other person, as well as learn a thing or two. Use each date as a learning experience to be a better person.
  1. Use Every Date As A Learning Experience
    We all have to kiss several frogs before we can find the right person. No date is a bad date. Use these dates to learn how to be better at yourself and with other people. Let the experiences help you grow.
  2. Don’t Overthink
    Although most people will be all excited after their first ‘successful’ date and want to talk all about it, it would be best to keep it to yourself for some time.  Spilling all the details to your friends or roommates may not be wise at this point. Let everything unfold in its time.
  1. Trust Your ‘Gut’ Feeling
    However interesting or boring your date might have been, you still know deep down if there’s a possibility or not. Follow whatever energy you felt from the first date.
  2. Say What You Feel
    Never say no when you meant to say yes, and vice versa. This will only leave you feeling guilty afterward. Say what you feel, not the opposite.
  3. Create A Personalized Dating Rulebook
    Make a list of things you’d be comfortable to do when on a date.  These will help guide you into staying positive and safeguard you from possible heartache.
  4. Allow For Things To Unfold
    Never force anything when dating. If the relationship was meant to move forward, it will – with both parties involved.
  5. Don’t hype
    Take your time to let the relationship grow. Hyping it will only land you in an uncomfortable situation.
  6. Don’t be judgmental
    No one is perfect. As much as you’ll notice some quirks easily, remember you do too.  Take it slow. Busty ladies don’t like being commented on or prejudiced against.
  7. Enjoy The Moment
    Be positive regardless of the situation or circumstance. Your date might have been having a bad day, or not in a good mood at that moment, or otherwise. Staying positive can help inspire him/her into being the best of themselves, enabling you to enjoy spending time with them.

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