Hugh Jackman Reveals Marvel Studios Didn’t Convince Him For Wolverine Return

Marvel Studios have given its fans the happiest news, by bringing back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. A few days back, through a video, an announcement about Deadpool 3 was made. Ryan Reynolds revealed to the audience, that Wolverine will be back for the threequel.

Since the announcement, there are many questions in fans’ minds as to how Wolverine will return when he already died in Logan.

Well, Ryan Reynolds in another explainer video has assured fans they aren’t going to spoil Logan’s ending. In the explainer video, he says that Logan took place in 2029, and they aren’t going to touch that.

There are still many questions yet to answer with the return of the Wolverine. The fans have to wait till it gets answered by the upcoming movie.

For now, Hugh Jackman’s return has made us all happy. But how did Marvel Studios convince Hugh to come back? Don’t worry, the actor has already responded to this question. Let’s get to know it from him.


Did Marvel Studios Convince Hugh Jackman To Come Back?

In conversation with uncrazed on Tiktok, Hugh made it clear that no one convinced him to return as Wolverine. The actor says he makes his own decision. He is excited to be back and everything is all good for now.

Yesterday, He took to his Instagram to give the fans a sneak peek of his training for Wolverine. His caption read, ” Work in progress”.

Deadpool 3 will be arriving in theatres on September 6, 2024.

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