Hush(2020) Cast & Summary

“Hush” is an office drama about newspaper reporters.

Veteran actor Hwang JungMin and Hallyu star YoonAh are the lead actors. Hwang JungMin acted in numerous popular movies such as “Veteran” (2015), “The Himalayas” (2015), “A Violent Prosecutor” (2015), and more. He is very famous in Korea and has won a lot of awards since his debut.

YoonAh from Girls’ Generation is well-loved across the globe and is one of the most influential Korean stars. She acted in the drama “Love Rain” (2012), “Prime Minister & I ” (2013), “The K2” (2016), “The King In Love” (2017).

Hush (2020)


  • Title: Hush / Heoswi / 허쉬
  • Director: Choi KyuSik
  • Writer: Kim JungMin
  • Network: JTBC
  • Runtime: From Dec. 11
  • Genre: Office
  • # of Episodes: 16
  • Language: Korean


It tells the lives of salaried reporters at a newspaper. A veteran reporter and an intern who thinks food is stronger than a pen will evolve together.


Hwang JungMin as Han JoonHyuk

He entered the newspaper MaeilHankook for truth and justice. 12 years later, he is living in a reality full of compromise and lies.

YoonAh as Lee JiSoo

She is an intern at the newspaper MaeilHankook who thinks food is stronger than a pen. Her mentor is Han JoonHyuk and after meeting him she starts to dream to become a real journalist.

Interesting Facts

Here is one of the teasers.

Here are the official posters.

The story is based on the novel “Silence Warning” by Jung JinYoung (2018).

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