HYBE CEO Reveals When Suga, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook Solo Music Will Be Released

BTS entered a new era, or the second chapter of their careers, after the release of their anthology album PROOF. It was revealed that the second chapter will involve a focus on the individual careers of each member. Ever since the members have been seen working on their respective solo projects like solo music and solo magazine covers.

j-hope, real name Jung Hoseok, is one of the rappers and dancers in the group. Hoseok was the first BTS member to go solo. He released his first full solo album, Jack in the Box, back in July. The project was met with both critical acclaim and commercial success.

Prior to that, j-hope had released his first solo mixtape, Hope World, in 2018. The album received a positive response from critics, and also peaked at number 38 on the Billboard 200 in the United States, making him the highest-charting solo Korean artist on the ranking at the time. j-hope was also the first BTS member to enter BB Hot 100 as a solo artist, with his single “Chicken Noodle Soup”, featuring singer Becky G.

BTS Military Enlistment & Jin Solo

Last month, after BTS’ Busan concert where it was announced that Jin will be the next BTS member to make a solo debut, fans received some saddening news, which was expected but still hurt. News BTS members will start enlisting in the military towards the end of 2022. It was announced that all members will be releasing their solo stuff and subsequently joining their military service in that order.

So it’s going to be a bittersweet experience for fans, who even though will finally get solo albums and music from their favorite singers but will also have to contend with the fact that their beloved artists will have to stay inactive as musicians for at least 2 years after that.


Kim Seokjin, aka JIN, gave his fans the best ever gift he could before he leaves for the military in the coming months. The vocalist released his official solo single, The Astronaut, on October 28 as a temporary farewell to his fans. The song was a gift to Jin from his friends in the group Coldplay.

More recently it was revealed that the next member to make his solo debut is Kim Namjoon, aka RM. RM also debuted the news that he’ll be collaborating with American rapper Pharrell Williams via a solo Rolling Stone feature. RM’s solo album is set to be released in the last week of November.

And now, we also have some information regarding when the remaining members of the group will make their respective solo debuts.

Recently, Park Ji-won, the CEO of HYBE, attended a conference call and talked about BTS future plans. The CEO admitted that the company’s profits are expected to tank as BTS enlists in the military. He said that the “next year’s profitability will be worse than this year’s due to the enlistment of BTS members.”

“The proportion of BTS ‘ sales this year is 60-65 % , and the rest of the artists are around 35-40 % .”

Park Ji-won

The CEO revealed that the schedule for the other members to join the military is not “determined” yet.

“We will discuss with the artist and make a decision, and proceed according to various implementation plans.”

He also confirmed that Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will be releasing solo music next year.

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