I Can See Your MBTI (2021) Cast & Summary

“I Can See Your MBTI” is a romance web drama.

THE BOYZ’s HyunJae and Choi YeonSoo are the lead actors. HyunJae is debuting as an actor. The B are looking forward to his acting. Choi YeonSoo is a model of YGKplus who appeared on “Produce 48”. She is also debuting in acting.

You can watch the web drama with subtitles on the yogurD YouTube Channel by SBS KPOP.

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I Can See Your MBTI (2021)


  • Title: I Can See Your MBTI / Neoui MBTIga boyeo / 너의 MBTI가 보여
  • Director: 
  • Writer: –
  • NetworkyogurD YouTube Channel.
  • Runtime: From Feb. 13
  • # of Episodes: 2
  • Genre: Romance, School
  • Language: Korean


It is the teen romantic comedy of Lee HyeAn who has the special ability to see people’s MBTI and of Yoo JiHa whose MBTI changes frequently.


Choi YeonSoo as Lee HyeAn

She has the special ability to see people’s MBTI.

THE BOYZ ‘s HyunJae as Yoo JiHa

He is a handsome transfer student who keeps on changing his MBTI.

SeongTae as Park WooJin

ISTJ. He is a hardworking student and also the class president.

Park KunSoo as Jung KaYoon

ISFP. He is a timid attention seeker. He doesn’t like mint-choco.

REDSQUARE ‘s Ari as Sin AhReum

ENFP. She is a moodmaker.


Watch the first episode here on the yogurD YouTube Channel.


Here are the official posters.

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