Ice Dancing Olympics 2022 Schedule, Results, Standings

2022 Beijing Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics is the ongoing winter Olympics that are happening in Beijing. The games opened on the fourth of February and will continue on till the 22nd. These Olympics are the first games to be held in China. The games have been subject to a number of controversies including the human rights violations by China. The Uyghur genocide has led to calls for boycotting the games. Like with the summer Olympics that were held in Tokyo, these games also have to maintain health and safety protocols due to the pandemic. 

Ice Dancing Olympics 2022 Schedule

Ice dancing is a discipline of figure skating that draws from ballroom dancing. It joined the figure skating championships in 1952. It became a part of the Winter Olympics in 1976. The sport has roots in combined skating that was developed in the 19th century by skating clubs. The first steps were similar to ballroom dancing. The following is the schedule for the games this Olympic Season. 

Start Time Date Time Location Event Status
Saturday 12th 19:00 Capital Indoor Stadium Ice Dance: Rhythm Dances Finished
Monday 14th 9:15 Capital Indoor Stadium Ice Dance: Free Dance Finished

Ice Dancing Olympics 2022 Standings

Gabriella Papakadis and Guillane Cizeron of France are four times world champions. They won the gold medal for dance after falling just short in the 2018 Olympics.  The following are the 2022 Ice Dancing Standings: 

Figure Skating: Ice Dance 

GOLD G. Papadakis / G. Cizeron France 90.83 136.15 226.98
SILVER V. Sinitsina / N. Katsalapov Russian Olympic Committee 88.85 131.66 220.51
BRONZE M. Hubbell / Z. Donohue United States 87.13 130.89 218.02

Ice Dancing Olympics 2022 Results

Rank Country Name Total Score
1 France PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume 226.98
2 Russia SINITSINA Victoria / KATSALAPOV Nikita 220.51
3 USA HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary 218.02
4 USA CHOCK Madison / BATES Evan 214.77
5 Italy GUIGNARD Charlene / FABBRI Marco 207.05
6 Russia STEPANOVA Alexandra / BUKIN Ivan 205.07
7 Canada GILLES Piper / POIRIER Paul 204.78
8 Spain SMART Olivia / DIAZ Adrian 199.11
9 Canada FOURNIER BEAUDRY Laurence / SOERENSEN Nikolaj 192.35
10 Britain FEAR Lilah / GIBSON Lewis 191.64
11 USA HAWAYEK Kaitlin / BAKER Jean-Luc 189.74
12 China WANG Shiyue / LIU Xinyu 184.42
13 Canada LAJOIE Marjorie / LAGHA Zachary 181.02
14 Russia DAVIS Diana / SMOLKIN Gleb 179.82
15 Finland TURKKILA Juulia / VERSLUIS Matthias 173.88
16 Czech TASCHLEROVA Natalie / TASCHLER Filip 168.32
17 Poland KALISZEK Natalia / SPODYRIEV Maksym 167.31
18 Armenia GARABEDIAN Tina / PROULX SENECAL Simon 167.03
19 Goergia KAZAKOVA Maria / REVIYA Georgy 164.33
20 Ukraine NAZAROVA Oleksandra / NIKITIN Maksym 162.87

Ice Dancing Olympics 2022 Winners 

PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume



HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary

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