In Celebration Of Valentine’s Day, Here Are 12 Of ATEEZ’s Most Romantic Moments

It’s Valentine’s Day, and whether you have someone to share it with or not, you can count on your favorite K-Pop idols to express their love for their fans in one way or another! This is certainly true for ATEEZ, who never hesitate to share just how much they adore and care for ATINYs. Here’s a look at 12 times that the members have shown just how romantic they can be!

1. When Yunho said that the members aren’t boyfriend material, but are in fact, husband material 👀

2. When they released a song that was specifically written to help ATINYs get through hard times.

3. The photos they posted for this Valentine’s Day to ATINYs are so sweet!

4. When Hongjoong showed his caring and considerate side and gave a cold Seonghwa his jacket.

5. When San gave this heart-racing answer to a fan’s question that shows he’s a romantic!

6. When Yunho looked like the ultimate soft boyfriend in this mini K-Drama video.

7. When Mingi shared the deeply thoughtful and swoon-worthy meaning behind his lyrics.

8. When Seonghwa made this adorable cheering up video that would make anyone’s heart melt.

9. They have so many pictures of themselves holding beautiful flowers and flower arrangements!

10. When Mingi gave this answer to a fan that shows just how romantic he is!

11. When San showed where his priorities are with those he loves ❤

12. When Yunho and Jongho perfectly acted out the cliche (but adorable) K-Drama kiss scene.


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