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Drama Info:

Title: Inside Man (局中人) Ju Zhong Ren
Episodes: 47
Release Date: June 23, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama tells the story of brothers Shen Lin and Shen Fang who originally belong to different revolutionary camps, but finally work through the struggles for their common belief and join the revolutionary wave together.

Plot Synoposis:

After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, Shen Fang of the Intelligence Department of the KMT’s Military Headquarters returns back to the organization. With the appointment of Mr. Ren, he begins picking out the party’s traitors, acquiring the “Lingzhi Project”, and undermining the “Jinling Association” conspiracy.

Long-term spy life is always filled with darkness. Even with the help and care from the organization, Shen Fang still feels exhausted physically and mentally. The shrapnel left in his brain constantly tortures him and threatens his every action at any time.

However, Shen Fang faces even more difficulties. From the struggles with his father, his brother Shen Lin’s suspicion, the constant puzzlement and surveillance of himself, Sheng Fang is alone and helpless, always in danger. A long-planned “bureau” slowly surfaces, and a game of life-and-death gradually begins.

The Shen brothers enter the game, get trapped, break the game, and step by step finally win their way to victory.

Cast & Characters:
Zhang Yi Shan

Zhang Yi Shan 张一山 as Shen Fang 沈放
Shen Lin’s younger brother. He seems to be uninhibited, but he is actually a thoughtful and smart intelligence agent. Shen Fang is affected by many factors such as faith, family, love, and friendship. He has been floating in loneliness and danger for a long time.

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Pan Yue Ming

Pan Yue Ming 潘粤明 as Shen Lin 沈林
Shen Fang’s older brother, he holds an important position with the Kuomintang. He has a grim appearance. Not only is he deeply involved in the entanglement of family and tasks, but he also faces inner torture.

Supporting Characters
Wang Rui Zi

Wang Rui Zi 王瑞子 as Yao Bi Jun 姚碧君
She gets caught between the brother’s battle with one another.

Wang Yi Fei

Wang Yi Fei 王一菲 as Liu Ru Yan 柳如烟

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Airing Schedule

Start: June 23, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Friday, 1 episode on Saturday
End: July 18, 2020

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OST Playlist

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