Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial Cast, Who Are The Cast In Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial?

Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial

Inti Guttu is a Zee Telugu television serial. Kalyani is the protagonist of the novel, and she loses her mother in an accident. As a result, she is forced to live with her stepmother against her will. Kalyani’s relationship with her stepmother is the focus of the plot, as she experiences numerous hurdles and hardships while living with her. The upcoming story explores if Kalyani will ever be able to reclaim her lost mother-love.

In terms of the cast, Nisarga plays the primary lead part of Kalyani, while Rohit plays the other male major role of Shourya. Meena Vasu, Rajitha, Rithu Chaudary, and others will also play important roles in the serial. Inti Guttu premiered on Zee Telugu on November 30, 2020. Online fans can watch the show through the Zee5 official app.

Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial Cast Names

Here is a list of Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial cast names,

Cast Name Character Name
Sai Kiran Ram Ajay
Meena Vasu Anupama
Roopa B Madhuri
Shishir Shastry Shourya
Nisarga Gowda Kalyani
Rithu Chowdary Sampada
Shiva Parvathy Shiva Parvathamma
Malladi Shiva Narayana Bhupathi
Charishma Naidu Pallavi
Malineni Hemanth Sidharth
Ranjitha Dhamayanthi
Challa Chandu Lawyer

Inti Guttu Serial Hero Name

Shishir Shastry plays the role of Shourya in the Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial. Before him, Rohit Rangaswamy played the role of Shourya. Shishir Shastry is a Kannada actor who works in film and television. In 2012, he made his television debut in Sose Thanda Sowbhagya, a daily soap drama. Later in his career, he appeared in television shows like Putta Gowri Maduve, Bharathi, and Kulavadhu. In 2018, he made his big-screen debut in Mr.LLB. Bhoothakalada Darbaar in 2018 project. His next film “BillGates” was released in 2020.

Inti Guttu Serial Heroine Name

Nisarga Gowda plays the lead female role “Kalyani” in the serial Inti Guttu in Zee Telugu. But unfortunately, there is no detailed information about Nisarga Gowda, her age, family, career, education, and other things. Once we get to know any details about her, we will update them here.

Inti Guttu Serial Cast Age

Here is a list of Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial Cast Age

Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial Cast Inti Guttu Zee Telugu Serial Cast Age
Sai Kiran Ram 43
Meena Vasu 35
Roopa B NA
Shishir Shastry 30
Nisarga Gowda NA
Rithu Chowdary 29
Shiva Parvathy NA
Malladi Shiva Narayana NA
Charishma Naidu NA
Malineni Hemanth NA
Ranjitha NA
Challa Chandu NA

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