Iron Man Is a Failure (& Marvel’s Superman Proves It)

The Sentry is among the strongest heroes in Marvel Comics, however he’s additionally extremely unstable. Iron Man has tried to assist him however failed miserably.

Within the Marvel Universe, Iron Man likes to carry himself up as a technological genius who can invent his means out of any downside, however the Sentry is an instance of simply how a lot he fails at that. Sentry possesses the powers of Superman however can be extremely unstable. Tony Stark has tried to assist him, however in a single low second he’s outdone by an obscure villain.

Following the large Secret Invasion occasion that noticed the Skrulls impersonating a lot of superheroes, Norman Osborn turns into high cop in America because the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. With the Avengers on the run and in hiding, Osborn units up his personal group of Avengers, which incorporates Ares, Bullseye, Venom, and the Sentry, who has been manipulated into becoming a member of them. Osborn can be involved with varied villains, one in all whom is the gang chief the Hood. Because the Hood has misplaced his powers, a lot of his syndicate members resolve to make a play on to Osborn and achieve this within the streets of Manhattan.


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One such villain is the C-list mad scientist Jonas Harrow. In 2009’s New Avengers #56 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen, Harrow employs an influence dampener to neutralize the rogue Avengers whereas the Wrecking Crew is immune. When Osborn’s Avengers finally present up, the Sentry is first on the scene. Sadly, the dampener works on him as properly. The souped-up Sentry is turned again into weak Robert Reynolds, who’s terrified and has no concept the place he wi. Because the Sentry is such a strong hero, the Wrecking Crew is in full shock that he has misplaced his powers like everybody else. On this assault, Harrow has completed what Iron Man has been unable to.

Sentry's powers are lost.

This can be a large occasion within the Marvel Universe as Sentry has been such a legal responsibility to the Avengers all through his tenure. Iron Man, who sees himself because the Avengers’ chief, views tech like this as his specialty. He is even vowed on a number of events to both management or cease the Sentry. Iron Man has tried this a lot of occasions when Void begins raging uncontrolled, reminiscent of throughout Norman Osborn’s assault on Asgard throughout Siege or when the brand new Avengers and the X-Males first attempt to recruit the Sentry after he breaks out of the Raft.

The truth that Jonas Harrow, a low stage villain, is ready to develop such a robust energy dampener that is ready to neutralize the Sentry when Tony Stark cannot is a big illustration of Stark’s failure. There have been many occasions when the Sentry has helped the Avengers and been heroic. But when he had a tool that he might use to regulate his powers fully it might not solely be a profit to the Avengers but in addition may be capable to relieve Robert Reynolds’s anxiousness and phobias. His psychological well being may very well be saved understanding there’s a option to forestall the Void from returning. Since Iron Man hasn’t been capable of accomplish that, followers could by no means know simply how nice of a hero this Sentry may very well be.

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