Is Captain Marvel In Doctor Strange 2? Doctor Strange 2 Cast And Characters

Is Captain Marvel In Doctor Strange 2? 

Dr. Stephen Strange unlocks with the forbidden spell, which opens into a new multiverse. But the threat needs to be faced by the team. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the new superhero film which is written as per the  Marvel Comics character Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios produced this movie. This movie is directed by Sam Raimi , which he got from Michael Waldron.

Doctor Strange 2 Cast 

Its cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Elizabeth Olsen, Xochitl Gomez, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Stuhlbarg. In this movie, Strange and his teammates go to the multiverse to handle a mysterious new adventure. 

S.No Cast Name 
1 Rachel McAdams
2 Benedict Cumberbatch
3 Benedict Wong  
4 Xochitl Gomez
5 Michael Stuhlbarg.
6 Chiwetel Ejiofor

Captain Marvel Cameo In Doctor Strange

Many new cameos will appear in Doctor Strange 2. Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier is seen like a cameo. The other hero who appear is Captain Marvel. The Captain Marvel is seen only in a few shots, but it is not Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel.  This new Captain Marvel is Monica Rambeau , Maria Rambeau and Monica Rambeau mother. The trailer shows a black woman.  The characters will be a large part of  it. The movie’s new trailer tells several versions of the hero, which include the Zombie version and the evil version of Marvel.

Is Captain Marvel In Multiverse Of Madness

The other character in the film is the return of character Charles Xavier, who can tell the unique version, which he played in the Fox X-men films.  The official explanation for Doctor Strange, tells that MCu has opened the Multiverse and opens its boundaries further than earlier. The journey into the pathless journey with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness faces the mind-bending and dangerous realities of the Multiverse to see the mysterious new adversary. Here is the trailer of the movie.

Super Power in Doctor Strange 2 

The new superhero is America Chhavez. She has the power to go to the multiverse easily. She can travels between one world to another like The Watcher in What If? . But Strange don’t have that power. Then she can go via the astral form to other realities.  It is the way by which the Wanda takes over the Wanda in different worlds. Gragantos is the name of the Shuma Garoth in Doctor Strange 2. The demon will be the non-permanent role. 


Villian in Doctor Strange 2

Wanda is the one, who attacks and destroys the Kamar-Taj in the battle. The Captain Marvel fight  against the Wanda,as she attacks the Illuminati compound. Wanda’s eyes is the trump card, which tells us the scene. You can see the reflection of the Prison in the trailer.Wanda kills and attacks many of the lluminatis members. According to the same plot leak, Wanda kills the Strange variant and the MCU’s primary Mordo. Doctor Strange kills the Sinister Strange variant, which is shown in traliers. This is not the Strange Supreme variant from the trailers. This is the evil form of Strange. 


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