Is Homer’s Bart-Strangling Gag Coming to an End? Homer Simpson’s Not Choking Bart Anymore


Is Homer’s Bart-Strangling Gag Coming to an End?

Speculation arose last week about “The Simpsons” retiring its long-standing Bart-strangling gag, with a recent episode hinting at change. Creator James L. Brooks, however, dismissed this in an interview, affirming the enduring nature of Homer’s aggression towards Bart.  Despite an episode suggesting a shift, Brooks insisted, “Nothing’s getting tamed.”

The strangling gag, a comedic staple for 35 years, might resurface, though it hasn’t been prominent recently. The decision to maintain the gag contrasts with the show’s evolution, addressing past controversies like Apu’s stereotypical portrayal. “The Simpsons” remains a beloved TV fixture on Fox, navigating the challenge of adapting to evolving societal norms while keeping its Sunday 8:00 PM EST slot intact.

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Homer Role in The Simpson

Homer Jay Simpson, the central character in The Simpsons, debuted in 1987 and is voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Created by Matt Groening, Homer appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show before the family got its own series in 1989. As the working-class father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, Homer works at the nuclear power plant, embodying various stereotypes.

Despite flaws, he’s a loving family man. Castellaneta’s evolving voice mirrors Homer’s character development. Homer’s catchphrase, “D’oh!”, is iconic. Regarded as a cultural icon and TV history influencer, Homer received accolades, including Emmy Awards. In 2000, the Simpsons family got a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.



The Simpson 

“The Simpsons,” created by Matt Groening for Fox, is a satirical animated sitcom portraying American life through the dysfunctional Simpson family—Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie—in the fictional town of Springfield. Originating from animated shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, it evolved into a prime time series in 1989, becoming Fox’s first Top 30-rated show.


With 756 episodes since its debut, it holds records as the longest-running American animated series and sitcom. Renewed for seasons 33 and 34 in 2021, the series will surpass 800 episodes. Initially praised as a TV gem, it faced criticism for perceived quality decline. Despite this, it earned accolades and influenced adult-oriented animated sitcoms. Homer’s iconic “D’oh!” and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star highlight its cultural impact since the 1990s.

Homer Simpson’s Not Choking Bart Anymore

Despite Homer Simpson suggesting he’d stop choking Bart in a recent episode, co-creator James L. Brooks affirms this iconic gag is here to stay on “The Simpsons.” In “McMansion & Wife,” Homer hinted at change, but Brooks, in an interview, showed an illustration contradicting this, emphasizing, “Nothing’s getting tamed.”

The show hasn’t featured Homer strangling Bart since the 31st season, but Brooks’ declaration suggests the possibility of its return. This decision contrasts with the show’s adaptation to societal changes, including addressing past controversies, and solidifies the enduring nature of the beloved animated series on Fox.

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