Is Mastaney Based on a True Story? Mastaney Plot, Cast. Release Date and More


“Mastaney” is a 2023 Indian Punjabi-language historical action drama film directed by Sharan Art and produced by Manpreet Johal. The movie features Tarsem Jassar and Gurpreet Ghuggi in lead roles, supported by Simi Chahal, Karamjit Anmol, Avtar Gill, and Rahul Dev. With a runtime of 145 minutes, the film explores historical events set in 1739 when Nadir Shah invaded India. Cinematography is handled by Jaype Singh. Distributed by Omjee Cine World, it was released on August 25, 2023. The estimated box office earnings are ₹210 crores. “Mastaney” portrays a significant chapter in Indian history through a captivating blend of action and drama.

Is Mastaney Based on a True Story?

Yes, Mastaney is based on the true events of Punjab’s history in 1739 when Nadir Shah invaded India. The film, directed by Sharan Art and presented by Vehli Janta Films and Omjee’s Cine World, depicts the courageous stand of Sikh warriors against Nadir Shah’s forces. Tarsem Jassar, one of the lead actors, emphasizes that Mastaney goes beyond being just a movie, portraying the emotions and feelings tied to this historical episode.

The storyline revolves around the Sikh warriors from the jungles who, despite facing adverse conditions, stood up against Nadir Shah’s invasion to protect the honor and freedom of their people, especially the women who were taken as slaves. Gurpreet Ghuggi, another key actor, clarifies that the title “Mastaney” shouldn’t be misunderstood as playful characters; instead, it refers to warriors who, like the heroes in patriotic songs, carry the responsibility of protecting their land and people.

The film is not only an action-packed portrayal but also emphasizes the strong principles and teachings passed down to the Sikh community by their Gurus, focusing on standing against oppression and fighting for truth. With meticulous research based on history books, the filmmakers aim to present an accurate and powerful narrative. Mastaney is released in multiple languages, reflecting a significant chapter in Indian history and the courage of those who defended their homeland.

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Mastaney Cast

The tabular column below represents the cast for Mastaney:




Tarsem Jassar


Gurpreet Ghuggi


Sameep Ranaut

Young Qalandar

Simi Chahal


Karamjit Anmol


Honey Mattu


Baninder Bunny


Avtar Gill

Zakariya Khan Bahadur

Rahul Dev

Nader Shah

Arif Zakaria

Zakariya Khan’s wazir

Mastaney Plot

In the historical drama “Mastaney,” set in 1739, the plot unfolds as Nader Shah’s invincible army faces resistance from Sikh rebels. Nader attempts to arrest the rebels, but his efforts prove futile. In a twist, five ordinary men are hired to impersonate Sikh rebels, intending to deceive the situation. However, as time progresses, these men, originally hired to play a role, undergo a transformation. They come to understand the true essence of Sikhism and the valor displayed by Sikh rebels against Nader Shah’s forces. 

The storyline takes an unexpected turn as these ordinary individuals evolve into genuine advocates of the Sikh cause, showcasing the power of conviction and the impact of historical events on personal perspectives. “Mastaney” weaves together a narrative of deception, revelation, and a newfound allegiance to the Sikh rebellion during a crucial period in 1739.

Mastaney Release Date

“Mastaney” had its global theatrical release on August 25, 2023. The film premiered in Punjabi and also offered dubbed versions in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi, expanding its reach to a diverse audience. The release date marked a significant moment, bringing the historical action drama to cinemas worldwide. Viewers had the opportunity to experience the story in multiple languages, emphasizing the filmmakers’ aim to share the brave narrative of Sikh rebels resisting Nader Shah’s forces with a broader and more inclusive audience.

Where to Watch Mastaney

As of now, Mastaney is not available for free online viewing in India. To stay updated on potential free streaming options, you can select ‘Free’ and activate the notification bell for alerts when the movie becomes accessible on streaming services or TV. Alternatively, for free trial options, you can explore Apple TV+. Keep an eye on official streaming platforms for any future announcements regarding the availability of Mastaney.

Mastaney Trailer

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