Is Natalie Lee And Shayne Jansen From Love Is Blind Together? Everything We Need To Know Here

Natalie Lee And Shayne Jansen

Love Is Blind is a dating show from Netflix. The premise of the show is to answer the age old question, “Is Love Blind?” Natalie and Shayne were one of the most controversial couples on this season. People on twitter were very sure that they did not want this couple to happen. When they are in the pods, Shayne is split between Natalie and Shaina. He picks Natalie. He then tells Shaina that he skipped her because she did not profess her love fast enough. 


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Is Natalie Lee And Shayne Jansen From Love Is Blind Together?

The season has not finished yet. So it is too soon to say whether they will be together in the end or not. The couple have a lot of problems they need to get over and they are not a fan favourite either. There is no official statement on whether or not the couple have remained together. However, the couple are not following each other on Instagram. Shayne however, is following Shaina. Some digging has shown that Shaina is interacting with his posts as well. 

Natalie And Shayne On Love Is Blind

The couple are then whisked off to Mexico together. This is where the couples go after they meet each other properly for a little quality time. Shaina and her pick Kyle Abrams also come to Mexico. When they are in Mexico, things get a little more complicated. Natalie and Shayne realise that they sleep on the same side of the bed. The couple are then upset by each other’s behaviour as well. Natalie says that Shayne’s habit of watching TV at night and snacking is her worst nightmare and Shayne says he is not happy with the lack of affection from her. The rest of the cast members are convinced that they will be together, however. 


Is Natalie Lee And Shayne Jansen From ‘love Is Blind’ S2 Together

Natalie explained her behaviour, “I’m not about PDA. I’m not gonna always be, like, super affectionate with you.” Shayne stormed off when he heard this. The next set of episodes is coming out on February 18th. The previews for those episodes show that they have reconciled. There are other problems they have to face though. When Natalie goes to show her mother her engagement ring in the previews, her mother does not want to even see them. 


Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind is a reality dating show that has been produced by Netflix. The show first premiered on February 13th 2020. The show has been compared to Married At First Sight, in the sense, they both do not allow the partners to see each other in the beginning. The show has also been compared to the Bachelor. The show was renewed for a second and third season. A Brazilian adaptation of the show has also premiered. 

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