Is Olly Rix Related to Brian Rix? Who is Olly Rix? Who is Brian Rix?

Is Olly Rix Related to Brian Rix?

There is no information indicating that Olly Rix is related to Brian Rix. Olly Rix is a talented actor known for his work in theater and television, while Brian Rix was a renowned actor-manager known for producing long-running farces on the London stage.

Despite sharing the same last name, there is no known familial connection between the two. Olly Rix and Brian Rix pursued their acting careers independently, with Brian Rix achieving great success in farcical theater productions and later becoming a campaigner for disability causes, particularly for those with learning disabilities.

Who is Olly Rix?

Olly Rix, sometimes credited as Oliver Rix, is a talented actor known for his work in theater and television. He studied English Literature at Trinity College Oxford and received further training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Olly gained recognition for his role in Shakespeare’s “lost play” Cardenio at the Royal Shakespeare Company, earning critical acclaim for his performance. He has appeared in TV series like “Of Kings and Prophets,” “Our Girl,” and “The Spanish Princess,” where he portrayed Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. With his versatile acting skills, Olly Rix has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.






Olly Rix



Notable Work

“The Spanish Princess”


Studied English Literature at Trinity College Oxford

Also Known As

Sometimes credited as Oliver Rix


Olly Rix Career

Olly Rix has had a diverse and exciting career in the entertainment industry. It all began when he secured a spot to study English Literature at Trinity College Oxford. During his time there, he actively participated in the university’s dramatic society, showing his early passion for acting. After graduating, he received a scholarship to further his acting skills at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where he trained for two years.

One of the standout moments in his career was when he met Gregory Doran, the Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company . Doran offered him the title role in Shakespeare’s “lost play” Cardenio, which became a turning point in Olly’s journey.

His performance was praised by critics, and he gained recognition as a talented actor on the path to stardom. Throughout his career, Olly Rix has taken on various roles in both theater and television, showcasing his versatility as an actor. His work in productions like “The Spanish Princess,” “Our Girl,” and “Call the Midwife” has solidified his place in the world of entertainment.

Olly Rix Net Worth

Olly Rix’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, so there is no specific information available about his financial assets. Unlike some celebrities whose net worth is widely reported, Olly Rix’s financial details remain private. While he has had a successful career in acting.

Including roles in various films and television series, the exact value of his net worth remains unknown to the public. Many celebrities choose to keep their financial information private, and Olly Rix is no exception to this practice. Consequently, there is no available information regarding his net worth.

Who was Brian Rix?

Brian Rix, whose full name is Brian Norman Roger Rix, was a well-known English actor and theater manager. He was born on January 27, 1924, in Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Brian Rix became famous for producing and acting in funny plays called “farces” in London’s theaters.

These plays, like “Dry Rot” and “Simple Spymen,” made people laugh a lot and were very successful. He also acted in funny TV shows for the BBC. What’s interesting is that he often worked with his wife, Elspet Gray, in these plays and shows.

Apart from his acting career, Brian Rix was a big supporter of people with learning disabilities. He became a member of the House of Lords and used his position to make better laws for people with disabilities. He even became the president of a charity called Mencap which helps people with learning disabilities. Brian Rix was not only a talented actor but also a kind-hearted person who wanted to make the world a better place. He passed away on August 20, 2016.


Brian Rix

Birth Date

January 27, 1924


Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, England


Actor, Actor-Manager, Campaigner


Married to Elspet Gray. Had four children, including a daughter with Down syndrome named Shelley.

Death Date

August 20, 2016

Brian Rix Age

Brian Rix was born on January 27, 1924, in a place called Cottingham in England. He lived for a very long time, until he passed away on August 20, 2016. So, when he died, he was 92 years old. That’s quite a long life, and during those years, he became famous for his work in acting and for helping people with disabilities.

Brian Rix Career

Brian Rix had a remarkable career in entertainment and advocacy. He began as an actor and later became a manager of theaters. He was famous for putting on very funny plays in London, and many people loved watching them. On TV, he had one night shows that made him really famous and well paid.

But what makes Brian Rix special is that he didn’t just entertain people; he also became a strong voice for people with disabilities. His own daughter had Down syndrome, which motivated him to work hard for a better life for people with learning disabilities.

He even became a member of the House of Lords, where he pushed for laws to help people with disabilities. Brian Rix was not just a great actor; he was a great advocate too, making a big difference in the lives of many people.Brian Rix’s career was all about making people laugh. He started as an actor and became famous for his funny plays in London. His plays were so popular that they ran for a very long time, and he even acted in funny TV shows.

Brian Rix Net Worth

Brian Rix, the famous movie actor, had a net worth of around $5 million. This means he had a lot of money from his work in movies and the theater. He became well known for his role in a British film called “Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something” in 1973.

Where he acted alongside Leslie Phillips. While he made a good amount of money during his career, Brian Rix was also known for his work as an activist, especially for people with learning disabilities, and his contributions to various charities.

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