Is Peter Dutton Married, Where Does Peter Dutton Live?

Is Peter Dutton Married

Yes, Peter Dutton is married. He is currently married to Kirilly Dutton. They tied the knot in July 2003, and they have been together for many years. The couple has two sons, Harry and Tom, and Kirilly also serves as a stepmother to Peter Dutton’s daughter, Rebecca, from a previous relationship.

Kirilly is not only a dedicated wife and mother but also a successful businesswoman, owning and operating two childcare centers as part of their family’s business ventures. Their marriage and family life have been a significant part of Peter Dutton’s personal story, as he has publicly spoken about his wife’s support and the love they share for their children.

Before his marriage to Kirilly, Peter Dutton had a brief first marriage in 1992, which ended after only a few months. However, since then, he has been married to Kirilly, and their relationship has endured over the years, with Kirilly playing a pivotal role in his life as a partner, mother to their children, and business collaborator.

Where Does Peter Dutton Live?

Peter Dutton, the Australian opposition leader and former Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Defence, has maintained a relatively private personal life. While the source doesn’t specify his current exact residence, it does offer some insights into his lifestyle.

Dutton is known to have a successful career in politics, with a background in law enforcement and business. He and his wife, Kirilly, have been married since 2003 and have two sons together. Kirilly is a successful entrepreneur, running childcare businesses, and they have a substantial property portfolio that includes multiple properties, including a shopping center in Townsville.

Additionally, they’ve sold a holiday home on the Gold Coast in the past. The couple’s investments and business ventures suggest they lead a comfortable and prosperous life, but the exact location of their residence remains undisclosed.




Peter Dutton Family

Peter Dutton’s family life is a blend of complexity and devotion. Born on November 18, 1970, in Brisbane, Australia, he hails from a family with diverse backgrounds. His mother, Ailsa Leitch, worked in childcare, while his father, Bruce Dutton, was a builder. As the eldest of five children, with one brother and three sisters, Dutton experienced the dynamics of a large family during his upbringing.

In terms of his own family, Dutton has been married twice. His first marriage, which took place in 1992 when he was just 22 years old, lasted only a few months. However, his second marriage, to Kirilly Dutton (formerly Kirilly Brumby), has endured since July 2003.

Kirilly is a successful businesswoman who owns and operates two childcare centers, forming a significant part of their joint business ventures. Together, they have two sons, Harry and Tom. Additionally, Dutton’s personal life includes a daughter named Rebecca from a previous relationship, born in 2002, which was before his marriage to Kirilly.

Despite the unconventional circumstances surrounding Rebecca’s birth, Dutton and Kirilly have embraced her as part of their family. Overall, Peter Dutton’s family is a testament to his ability to navigate both the complexities of his personal life and the demands of his political and business careers.

Peter Dutton First Wife

Peter Dutton’s first wife remains relatively unknown, and there is limited information available about their marriage. The details suggest that they got married in 1992 when Peter Dutton was just 22 years old and still working as a police officer. Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived, lasting only a few months. The reasons for their separation are not extensively documented.

Not much has been revealed about Peter Dutton’s first wife, including her name or background. It appears that their relationship ended relatively quickly, leading to their divorce. After this first marriage, Peter Dutton went on to marry his current wife, Kirilly Dutton, in 2003, with whom he has built a family, including two sons and his stepdaughter, Rebecca.

Who is Peter Dutton?

Peter Dutton is an influential Australian politician who currently serves as the leader of the Opposition and holds the esteemed position of leader within the Liberal Party of Australia, a role he assumed in May 2022. With a political career spanning several years, Dutton has held significant ministerial roles within the Australian government.

Notably, he served as the Minister for Defence from 2021 to 2022 and prior to that, as the Minister for Home Affairs from 2017 to 2021. Dutton’s political journey began in the early 2000s when he was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Queensland electorate of Dickson. Throughout his tenure, he has been a prominent figure in Australian politics, contributing to both the Howard and Abbott governments, and later, the Turnbull and Morrison administrations.

Born on November 18, 1970, and raised in Brisbane, Dutton’s career path initially led him to serve as a police officer in the Queensland Police force for nearly a decade. Later, he transitioned into a business venture, running a construction company in partnership with his father.

Dutton’s early involvement in politics stemmed from his teenage years when he joined the Liberal Party. His journey in federal politics commenced in 2001 when he was elected as an MP at the age of 30. Over the years, he took on various ministerial roles, including Minister for Employment Participation and Assistant Treasurer, before ultimately assuming positions of higher authority, such as Minister for Health and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, where he played a significant role in overseeing Operation Sovereign Borders. Dutton’s dedication to public service has made him a prominent figure in Australian politics, marked by his ascent to the leadership of the Liberal Party and his current role as leader of the Opposition.

Peter Dutton Kids

Peter Dutton is the proud father of three children, comprising two sons and a daughter. His eldest child, a daughter named Rebecca, was born in March 2002 during his tenure as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Queensland seat of Dickson. Rebecca’s mother, Rachel, and Dutton were not together at the time of her birth, making it a challenging period for the family.

However, Dutton has since expressed deep pride and affection for his daughter, referring to her as the “best mistake” he ever made and describing her as a “gorgeous girl.” Kirilly Dutton, Peter’s wife, has also been described as “incredible” for her acceptance of Rebecca.

In addition to Rebecca, Peter and Kirilly Dutton have two sons together, named Harry and Tom. Harry is currently 17 years old, while Tom is 16. Kirilly, who also manages two childcare businesses, has been praised by Peter for her dedication as a mother and stepmother to the children.

Despite Peter’s demanding political career, Kirilly’s role as a single mother for six months of the year ensures that when he returns home, the focus is on their children, emphasizing the importance of family in their lives. The Dutton family’s journey is a testament to the bonds of love and commitment that extend beyond the realm of politics and public life.

Peter Dutton Wife

Peter Dutton’s wife, Kirilly Dutton (nee Brumby), is a significant presence in his personal life. Their relationship blossomed through the world of politics, as they were introduced by a mutual friend who happened to be in a relationship with Liberal MP Ross Vasta at the time.

The couple tied the knot in a romantic Italian ceremony in July 2003, marking the beginning of their life together. Kirilly, known for her industrious nature, had little time for a personal life during their early days as she worked tirelessly as the personal assistant of Sarina Russo, the founder of the Sarina Russo Group, one of Australia’s largest private sector employment providers.

In addition to their personal journey, Kirilly and Peter Dutton became parents to two sons, Harry and Tom. Kirilly also embraced the role of stepmother to Rebecca, Dutton’s daughter from a previous relationship. Their family life reflects a harmonious blend of personal and political worlds, with Kirilly providing essential support and contributing to the family’s dynamic as Peter Dutton pursued his career in law enforcement and politics, eventually becoming the leader of the Liberal Party of Australia.

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