ITZY Receives Mixed Reactions for “CAKE” and Comeback Album 2023

Kpop’s promising 4th generation group ITZY has been gaining more attention after their latest 2023 comeback album release, “KILL MY DOUBT”. Unfortunately, the attention they’ve received was all for the wrong reasons. Following the release of ITZY comeback album 2023 and its title track, “CAKE,” JYP Entertainment faces massive backlash and criticism from fans. So, what happened to ITZY, and why are fans criticizing their agency? Check out the following complete report for a more detailed discussion.

The Controversial Release of ITZY “KILL MY DOUBT” Comeback Album 2023 & “CAKE” Title Track

JYP’s earliest 4th generation girl group, ITZY, has been famous for having 5 all-rounder members with brilliant skills and visuals. Recently, ITZY has become the talk of many online communities and social media after the release of its 2023 comeback album, “KILL MY DOUBT”, and its title track, “CAKE”.

On July 31, at 6 PM KST, ITZY released their 2023 comeback album, “KILL MY DOUBT”, and dropped MV for its title track, “CAKE”.

OSEN reported that the album represents the message of having strong faith and courage to overcome our own self-doubt and insecurities. Furthermore, the “KILL MY DOUBT” comeback album manifests the renowned expressive power of ITZY.

On the other hand, despite having established such a global trending group, JYP Entertainment has only been receiving massive criticisms and backlashes. And these are all due to the recent release of ITZY 2023 comeback album and its title track, “CAKE”.



JYP Receives Criticism for ITZY Comeback Album

Following the release of ITZY comeback album 2023, “KILL MY DOUBT”, fans immediately point out its excessive number of versions.

According to a post in the global online forum Reddit, ITZY’s 2023 comeback album would have approximately 20 versions with the recent special additions, including the digipaks and cassette versions. The post stated that it is quite shocking that JYP would release such many versions only for a mini album. In contrast, ITZY’s previous albums commonly have a few numbers of variations.

Fans immediately commented that having such many versions is excessive and unnecessary. They expressed their huge disappointment in JYP Entertainment, and believed that the company was using the opportunity to rip off the fans. 

After all, it has been the new “trend” of Kpop fandoms to race and compete in reaching 1 million album sales. And JYP is taking advantage of fans’ efforts in supporting their idols.

And most importantly, such excessive release of album versions also contradicts the company’s promise of reducing album package waste.

Mixed reactions for ITZY latest comeback album. | Reddit
Mixed reactions for ITZY latest comeback album. | Reddit

It’s All Because of the Early Era of TVXQ OT5?

This excessive number of album versions was also brought up by Epik High Tablo in his previous discussion with JYJ’s Jaejoong. The veteran musician expressed concern over the amount of money he’s spent purchasing Kpop albums due to its numerous versions.

Tablo also pointed out that Jaejoong and his former group TVXQ were to blame for the trend. After all, according to Tablo, the movement started during TVXQ’s era. But unfortunately, it has gone overboard in the present day.

“You guys have started that. You guys were the first one, but the stone you slightly rolled has now become a huge rock. Nowadays, there are 20 versions of just one album!

It’s because of photocards. It’s also from you guys. Everything’s all because of you guys. The things I’ve bought, I almost went bankrupt!” 

Tablo to Jaejoong.

Mixed Reactions for “CAKE” Title Track

Along with the excessive number of versions of ITZY 2023 comeback album, fans also criticize JYP for wasting the precious talents of ITZY members.

After the release of ITZY “CAKE” title track, fans filled online communities with mixed reactions. While some fans praised ITZY’s 5 all-rounder members and their incredible talents, others criticized JYP for giving them mediocre tracks that lack uniqueness both in style and concepts.

According to fans, it has been a while since ITZY has their own special song that represents the precious skills and talents the members possess. The last time ITZY had such high-quality music was during the “DALLA DALLA” and “ICY” releases. And these recent mediocre and not-so-special music are only wasting the prime quality of the 5 ITZY members.

Still, some other fans believe that ITZY “CAKE” is good enough for them. These fans believe this song is at least so much better than ITZY’s previously hated release, “Sneakers”.

Mixed reactions for ITZY “CAKE”. | TheQoo
Mixed reactions for ITZY “CAKE”. | TheQoo

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