ITZY’s Lia Tests Positive For COVID-19

K-Pop girl group ITZY’s Lia has tested positive for COVID-19. ITZY, who was ready to celebrate their third anniversary through a YouTube live broadcast this past Saturday, canceled the event due to the COVID-19 test results. Below is the full statement. 

Hello this is JYP Entertainment. We are making this announcement to inform you about ITZY’s Lia and the third anniversary live broadcast that is set for today. On February 12, Lia used a self-diagnosis kit and received a positive test result. She immediately went to the hospital and took a PCR test. She is currently waiting for her results.

Lia, who has received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, is currently in self-isolation with no major symptoms. After she receives her results, she will take the necessary measures needed according to the quarantine authorities. The other members all tested negative through the self-diagnosis kit, but underwent PCR testing as a preemptive measure. Due to this, we are informing you that the third anniversary live broadcast originally scheduled for today will be canceled. 

We will give an update on Lia and the other members’ PCR test results and future schedules soon. We apologize for causing concern to the fans who have been waiting for this event. We will do our best to help Lia recover as we consider our artists’ health our top priority. Thank you.



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