IZ*ONE Breaks Their Own Record For 1st Week Album Sales For “Oneiric Diary”, Best Selling K-Pop Girl Group

IZ*ONE had wrote a new history in terms of first week album sales.

On June 22, Hanteo Chart had announced that IZ*ONE had sold a total of 389,334 copies of their 3rd mini album “Oneiric Diary” from June 15 to 21. This makes the girls currently the best selling K-Pop girl group to date.

They had also broken their previous record when their first full length album “BLOOM*IZ” was released earlier in February. Back then, it was recorded that they had sold 356,313 copies.

It looks IZ*ONE is proving their worldwide popularity and rise as a girl group.

Currently, IZ*ONE is promoting their title track ‘Secret Story of the Swan’ on various music shows.

Congratulations to IZ*ONE!

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