Jang Seung-jo’s transformation revealed in the new stills for upcoming series ‘Model Detective’

JTBC’s upcoming series Model Detective has dropped the first stills of Jang Seung-jo as he suits up as a detective in the new drama. Joining him as part of the main cast are actors Son Hyun-joo (Itaewon ClassJustice) and Lee Elijah (Chief of Staff 1 and 2).

Model Detective (literal title) is a narrative of the daily lives of the police, focusing on two detectives with different social statuses, personalities, and detective techniques. Jang plays the role of elite detective Oh Ji-hyuk who cannot be bought by money and influence and is wealthy due to his inheritance. He uses insight and evidence on his cases.

Son, meanwhile, plays the role of Kang Do-chang, a detective who uses his personal connections and experience in dealing with cases, ignoring reasoning abilities and scientific investigation. Concurrently, Lee plays the hot-blooded but passionate newspaper reporter Jin Seo-kyung.


Jang showed off his unusual transformation in the stills released on June 2, showing an image of a detective with a neat and charming appearance. This is his first time to play a detective character. Jang also thanked fellow actor Son Hyun-joo for helping him become comfortable in his role.

Jang narrated how his meeting with director Jo Nam-kook (Untouchable) and actor Son excited him. “I was very interested in trying to [take on the] challenge [of being a] detective character.” In addition, Jang said that the role attracted him because Oh Ji-hyuk is a “three-dimensional character who has his own beliefs without being swept away by money.”

He also conveyed his determination to perform well in the series. “[The character] looks cool, but [he has] a hidden story,” he said. “[I] met good people, and [I] look forward to the appearance of Oh Ji-hyuk.” Lastly, the actor has asked fans and viewers to watch and support his upcoming series.

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Jang is slowly establishing a name in the entertainment industry and has consistently transformed himself into his characters in his past dramas. He last starred in the JTBC series Chocolate (2019–2020) as the character Lee Joon.

Model Detective was scheduled to air in April, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production postponed filming. It is now slated to air on July 6 at 9:30 p.m. as a Monday-Tuesday drama, replacing Sweet Munchies.

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