Jellyfish Haircut Trend Is All Over TikTok

How to Pull Off a Jellyfish Haircut

If you’re looking for an edgy, out-of-the-box style that’s sure to grab people’s attention, the jellyfish cut might just be for you. “It’s for that human who is not afraid to be seen and make a statement,” Patterson says, adding that it can also be tailored to suit any face shape because of how customizable it is. “Think of ways you want to highlight or contour your facial features by playing with length. If you have an angled chin, maybe keep the blunt line below the jaw. Tailor it to what you want to showcase.”

Although you’d need to start out with long hair in order to make this dramatic cut work, you can always fake the look with extensions. “If you have an existing bob or lob, pop in a couple of strands in your shade or a fun pop of color and rock it for a night,” Patterson says.

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