Jennie Attacked By Trolls After Someone Mentions Taehyung At BLACKPINK Concert

Jennie of BLACKPINK recently became the target of internet trolls after a person at BLACKPINK’s recent concert was heard mentioning Taehyung’s name in a video shared on Twitter. Fans noted that Jennie was hit with “nasty” comments over something she had no control over.

Taehyung and Jennie’s dating rumors began earlier this year when an online hacker claimed they were romantically involved and shared several unverified pictures to support their claims. They continued their rampage for months before HYBE and YGE stepped in and announced their respective legal actions against the perpetrator. The rumors and the allegedly leaked pictures stopped after that. However, internet trolls have continued to harass the idols.

Here’s What Happened:

A recent incident took place when a hateful troll decided to attend a BLACKPINK concert.

Jennie recently debuted a new song, titled “You&Me” at BLACKPINK’s Born Pink world tour. The dancing routine for the song involves Jennie dancing with a man. The troll was triggered by the same and began recording a video. In the video, the man can be heard saying, “Jennie, that ain’t V, that’s not Taehyung.”

After the video was shared online, it attracted the attention of online trolls who took the opportunity to blame Jennie for the incident and throw “nasty” insults at her.


Fans were upset by the unprovoked hate Jennie was receiving and came to defend their favorite singer.

jennie has nothing to do with this. she was just performing at her concert. she had no control over the man whose voice can be heard on the video”

“The k-pop community as a whole has normalised abusing Jennie, and the saddest part is the biggest perpetrators are women”

“so why is she getting slvtshamed, hated on, and disrespected? come for the “fan” not jennie”

“Its just really pathetic that these people lost their humanity and common sense because of jealousy,they should get a life,attacking an innocent girl,calling her names, body shaming her just because she is dating their favourite singer..thats crazzyyy”

“No but if it was a male idol dancing with a woman no one would’ve cared but slvtshaming is the only option when it comes to women”

“one thing me & jennie antis have in common, we both are obsessed with jennie”

Fans recently found proof that debunked the online leakers claims about V and Jennie’s dating rumors. Jennie is currently busy touring the world with her group, while Taehyung is busy preparing for his solo debut.

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