Jennie of BLACKPINK Revealed To Be The Korean Celebrity With The Highest Cost of Casting In The Advertising Industry

Jennie of BLACKPINK is often referred to as Korea’s main IT girl, and she has the stats to prove the same. Jennie is the K-Pop idol with the most #1 on Korea’s brand reputation rankings. Jennie is objectively the most famous female K-Pop celeb in Korea. However, Jennie is a brand queen not only domestically but also globally, being the face of luxury brands like Chanel and Calvin Klein.

Jennie recently blew up on the internet with her powerful, unique, and stunning TVC for TAMBURINS. The ad didn’t only showcase her mesmerizing visuals, but also her amazing and impressive acting skills. The TVC, which resembled a short action flick, was quick to amass millions of views on YouTube and Twitter.

More recently, Jennie was announced as the new face of Beauty Kurly, which is an online market platform for beauty products.

As per Korean media, “Beauty Kurly, which held its grand opening on Nov 7th, features all beauty brands and products from daily to luxury at once, and can be quickly and conveniently received through early morning delivery.” Following this K-media also revealed that, “According to the advertising industry, Jenny is the person with the highest cost of casting among domestic celebrities.”

Jennie has consistently wowed fans with her talent, looks, and charisma since making her BLACKPINK debut in 2016. The idol has the talent to make anything she is wearing appear as though it just left a fancy runway. Jennie is appropriately referred to as the trendsetter of K-pop and is credited with starting several fashion trends. In addition to being a fashion icon and K-pop idol, Jennie is also a solo musician who made her solo debut with her solo single titled, “Solo” in 2018. Jennie also debuted a new song titled You&Me at BLACKPINK’s world tour.


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