Jessica Lowndes Shares Profound and Personal Journey to Harmony from the Heart

There’s a new and exciting romance premiering on GAC Family this weekend, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Harmony from the Heart is a labor of love for Jessica Lowndes, who stars in the moving film, which she also wrote and executive produced.

The story follows a young woman named Violet who hopes to change lives through music therapy.

A musician herself, Jessica has crafted a story that has all of the romantic tropes you’re used to seeing in similar movies you love to watch.

What you won’t expect is how she’s managed to infuse it with a unique freshness that sets Harmony from the Heart on a level all its own.

We had the chance to catch up with Jessica over Zoom this week, and she told us how she started writing Harmony from the Heart, which has been years in the making.

This isn’t the first movie that Jessica produced, but it’s the first she wrote and getting it just right meant the world to her.

Jessica found the support she needed with GAC Media President & CEO and former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott, who she has worked with before.

Mr. Abbott welcomed Jessica to the fledgling network and ensured she got everything she needed to bring her vision alive.

That included the budget, cast, and set decoration that Jessica had dreamed would allow her vision to flourish on screen as it had in her mind.

And yes, Jessica created a Pinterest vision board that she used to harbor all of her favorite ideas, many of which have now become a reality.

The story finds Jessica’s character, Violet, eager to graduate to start her career helping those whose physical and mental health issues might benefit from music therapy.

Jessica said that while the topic was already of interest to her, she did a lot of research and spoke with many professionals engaging with the public as music therapists for their input.

If you watch them enough, you know that romantic movies on television often feature their heroines fighting for communities in various ways, often by saving a local business or community center.

Jessica hopes Harmony from the Heart benefits from Violet caring for a patient with family and a whole personal story their own, which is slightly different from what most viewers expect from the genre.

And when she discovers her passionate involvement with her patients led to her neglecting the requisites she needs to graduate, Violet gets an assignment that would put her skills to use.

Meeting local physician Blake Williams (Jesse Metcalfe) challenges Violet’s theories about her work and opens her heart in the process.

Jessica and Jesse also share a duet that is sure to turn heads, and Jessica has released a single in support of the movie, too.

But that’s nothing compared to the beautiful song that Jessica has written for Harmony from the Heart and what it means to her to release it in conjunction with the film.

To get the whole picture, of course, you’ll need to watch Harmony from the Heart.

But first, you can learn more about Jessica’s inspiration for the movie and what she hoped to achieve with personal flourishes that make the movie as visually enticing as it is is romantic, just in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Please enjoy our full interview with Jessica Lowndes for GAC Family’s Harmony from the Heart now.

Harmony from the Heart premieres on GAC Family on Saturday, February 12 at 8/7c.

Jessica will be live Tweeting with viewers as they enjoy the movie, so be sure to check it out.

But before we go, here’s a tease of 11:11 that Jessica shared on her Instagram page.

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