Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do to Inherit 5 Billion KRW of Insurance Money

South Korean renowned actors Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do will soon star in a new Korean drama together. What makes it more interesting is that the new Korean drama will prompt both the actors and viewers to question and redefine the true essence of friendships after encountering an unexpected inheritance. So, what is the new Korean drama featuring Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do all about, and which characters will they bring to life this time? Continue reading for a more comprehensive report.

Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do to Star in New Korean Drama, “Connection”

Korean drama enthusiasts will soon witness one of the most exceptional pairings as actors Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do are in talks to star in a new project together.

On September 12, Korean media outlet Star News reported that Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do had been cast in SBS’s new Korean drama, “Connection”. In this new project, both actors will reportedly star as the main characters who determine the course of actions and unfold all the mysteries in the thriller crime drama.

“Connection” is a new project by writer Lee Hyun, who previously gained attention with “Diary of Prosecutor”. The writer will collaborate with director Kim Moon Kyo, the creative minds behind the intricate political melodrama, “Trolley”.


Storyline and Characters

So, what is “Connection” new Korean drama about? And what kind of roles will actors Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do play this time?


According to multiple reports, “Connection” is a new crime investigation thriller drama, telling the mystery behind massive inheritance of 5 billion KRW. The main storyline will revolve around how the main characters redefine friendships while tracking the death of a high school friend who had left them with such a massive insurance money.

South Korea’s pride actor Ji Sung will take on the role of Jang Jae Kyung. He is the calm and methodical captain of the narcotics team of the Metropolitan Police Department. His life has been consistently hectic and filled with challenges. One day, suddenly he inherits 5 billion KRW in insurance money from the death of a high school friend.

Meanwhile, musical actress Jeon Mi Do will continue solidifying her reputation in the small screen with the role of Oh Yun Jin. After being unfairly fired from a major daily newspaper, Oh Yun Jin decided to return to her hometown. She then works as the head of the economic sections of a small newspaper company.

Oh Yun Jin finds herself contemplating friendships after unexpectedly receiving 5 billion KRW in insurance money. Unfortunately, when she heard about her friend’s death and the insurance money, her husband and children have immigrated overseas. Therefore, she has to face everything alone.

Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do. | Pinterest
Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do. | Pinterest

When is the Release Date?

Finally, “Connection” has presented such a promising storyline and intriguing mystery. Centering at Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do as the main characters, the industry has put high expectations in the drama. Fans are already curious about the unfolding story and how Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do would approach their characters and the synergy between them.

Fortunately, both Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do have stated that they are positively reviewing the offer.

“Actor Ji Sung is positively reviewing the offer to star in SBS new drama, ‘Connection’.”

– Ji Sung’s agency, SURPASS Entertainment.

“Actress Jeon Mi Do has received an offer to appear in ‘Connection’ and is positively reviewing it.”

– Jeon Mi Do’s agency, BISTUS Entertainment

So, when is the release date for “Connection”?

As of today, the new Korean drama is still in its pre-production process. However, the production team has been working hard to prepare the project as they wanted to release “Connection” in early next year.

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In the meantime, let us once again witness Ji Sung’s unrivaled charisma in “The Devil Judge”.

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