Jimmy Butler’s Dreadlocks Extensions Are The Worst Things You Will See On NBA Media Day

While NBA Twitter responds, Jimmy Butler explains why he decided to get hair extensions in the summer of 2022.

Jimmy Butler has emerged as the representative of that one superstar who turns up the volume considerably during the Playoffs. Butler has proven time and time again to be a top 10 player when it counts, scoring 40 point triple doubles against LeBron James and hitting 47 points in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Miami Heat’s relatively seamless transition from the Dwyane Wade era to the present Jimmy Butler era may be partly attributed to Butler. His enthusiasm for the Heat equals that of everyone else’s on the floor, and his upbeat demeanour off the court keeps everyone in the locker room in good spirits.

Jimmy is the kind of athlete that holds his colleagues accountable while also putting in the effort to lead by example. He’s learned along the road that using comedy to connect with a squad is the best strategy.

Most recently, the former MIP underwent a significant physical transformation that brought a few laughs to NBA Twitter as a whole, not just to his club.


The topic of Jimmy Butler’s hair extensions has been widely discussed

Today is the Miami Heat’s media day, and Jimmy Butler attended not just sporting his offseason hair extensions but also sporting a clean-shaven face. Butler addressed his newest dreads, calling himself the “baby faced assassin,” and jokingly insisting they weren’t extensions.

NBA Twitter continued to ridicule Butler, calling the dreads hideous. They would also mention Jimmy’s subtle retreat on the hair extensions, brushing it off as if he had intended them as a joke when in fact he really wanted them to look fantastic.

NBA He did, however, guarantee that he would not be wearing the dreads into the real season, so Twitter may rest easy. Thank god, as this is not the same situation as when Rick Barry donned a wig and performed. Actually, Jimmy wouldn’t be able to play 48 minutes of basketball with those gorgeous hair extensions.

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