Jin Young of GOT7 To Make A Comeback With A Solo Album

A representative from BH Entertainment confirmed on November 17, 2022, that Jin Young will soon make his comeback through his first solo album, marking the 10th anniversary of his debut. It was also confirmed that he will be holding a domestic fan meeting in January 2023. The idol-turned-actor recently starred in the K-drama Yumi’s Cells 2.

Jin Young has previously stated his intention to use more meaningful songs to demonstrate his musical skill by creating, producing, and performing them.

Soon after the release of his solo album, Jin Young has made the decision to host a domestic fan meetup. He has planned to meet his overseas fanbase afterward. The actor is prepared to meet and greet his supporters on the next international meeting tour.

The artist debuted his musical prowess earlier in 2021 with the digital track DIVE. The song’s lyrics were also penned by him. He previously made a comeback with his band GOT7 and the song NANANA.

Jin Young is renowned for both his outstanding acting and singing abilities. Dramas like He is Psychometric, The Devil Judge, and And when My Love Blooms all featured him. He most recently played Babi in Yumi’s Cells 2, a popular webcomic drama. The portrayal was adored by the audience, who asked that his character be reunited with his love interest.

Currently, Jin Young is working on the forthcoming mystery-romance drama The Witch. The programme is based on the well-known webcomic of the same name. The play tells the tale of a man who had feelings for Witch. In due course, the storyline will reveal how these two are related and what part Jin Young will play. In 2023, The Witch is scheduled to air.

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