Johnny Depp Appeals Defamation Trial Ruling Of Paying Amber Heard $2M

Actor Johnny Depp needs complete triumph over his ex-wife, Amber Heard. He has recently filed an appeal in court as he claimed the jury erred by asking him to pay $2 million on a single count of defamation.

The public trial resulted in Depp’s win as it found Heard defamed Depp and was ordered to pay $10.35 million to the actor. But even Depp was ordered to pay her $2 million after his lawyer made defamatory remarks against her. In documents submitted to Virginia Court, Depp has appealed that the jury’s decision to make him pay $2 million to Heard was incorrect.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, was said to have defamed the actress by telling a media outlet, she had lied about an argument. Heard has already appealed the court’s ruling against her and was asked to pay $10.35 million to Depp. Because of both their appeals, the payments are on hold.

As per New York Post, Depp’s filing states that the judgment in Ms. Heard’s favor on that one statement was “erroneous”. The actor further stated that he was not the one who made the comments and should not be held accountable for that. He also claimed how Heard’s team of lawyers had failed to show Adam’s malice in making those comments.

“As a matter of law, Mr. Waldman is an independent contractor, whose allegedly tortious conduct is not automatically attributable to Mr. Depp,” the filing read. The lawyers of the actor even said that his ex-wife’s claim was “fatally flawed”. Further in the appeal, the lawyers also note how the emphatic verdict, fully vindicated Depp and restored his reputation.


Amber’s Friends Have Abandoned Her

The statement further read, “Indeed, Mr. Depp prevailed in the trial court on virtually all material issues, and the verdict of the jury and judgment of the trial court represents an intelligent and well-reasoned decision on the merits after a full and fair trial and should be largely (though not entirely) affirmed.”

The appeal read that the trial did majorly handle the issues sensibly; and correctly but few of their rulings were “erroneous”. As for Amber, she has moved to Spain and has decided to leave the US; because she refused to be insulted in Hollywood. The actress does not plan to come back to the US; as her friends like Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, and Kristen Stewart have left her.

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