Joker’s Greek God Kind is not as Highly effective as Followers Would Anticipate

Followers would possibly count on Joker to have a serious power-up when possessed by a god, however the precise end result is not final energy – it is the final word headache.

DC Comics loves to seek out new methods to toy with the Joker, giving him recent takes and peculiar mixtures. Marvel Lady #164 started the Clown Prince of Crime’s run-in with Greek gods, resulting in him being possessed. Whereas this might give the enduring villain a serious power-up, it actually simply offers him a headache of types.

Joker is understood for wreaking havoc in Gotham with wild schemes. From fish infused with Joker Venom to beatings with crowbars, this villain goes wild, leaving giant messes for Batman to wash up. Whereas Joker has been identified to make offers and have partnerships with a wide range of different villains, he is likely to be greatest working alone. This appears very true when a Greek god takes over his physique with some not so gorgeous outcomes.


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“Gods of Gotham,” starting in Marvel Lady #164has the inventive staff of Phil Jimenez, J. M. DeMatteis, Andy Lanning, Pam Rambo, Cam Smith, Jamison, and Comicraft. This four-part storyline from 2001 is a team-up between Marvel Lady and Batman as three of Gotham’s main villains are possessed by the youngsters of Ares: Phobos, Deimos, and Eris. Whereas Joker’s possession by Deimos leaves him trying somewhat depraved, he is not as a lot of a terror as followers could also be hoping. This Medusa-esque look could also be fearsome, however Deimos is not really nice at making a symbiotic relationship along with his host.

Joker is possessed by Deimos in Gods of Gotham

As a substitute of with the ability to companion up successfully with the god of terror, Joker needs to has his personal means along with his newfound energy. This pairing ought to enable the enduring Gotham villain to actually terrorize town and produce it to its knees at his toes. He ought to be capable of usurp Scarecrow’s techniques and make the most of them much better contemplating Deimos is a baby of Ares, the god of warfare. But the god has failed to understand that his objectives and Joker’s do not precisely line up. The 2 find yourself bickering greater than they assist each other, making it unsurprising that this deity trio’s plan in the end fails. Joker does not share energy with anybody and possessing him is not as straightforward as even a god might imagine. Joker’s madness is what permits him to get an higher hand on Deimos.

When Phobos urges his brother to maintain management, this clown refuses to only let his physique be managed. Batman even aids Joker’s combat for his personal physique by pitting the 2 towards each other, placing them right into a separate battle that does not require further preventing or the eye of Batman, Marvel Lady, or their allies. Deimos quickly finds Joker’s madness infecting him, proving that in its personal means, the insanity is his very personal superpower. This additionally reveals that this iconic villain is much an excessive amount of for very many entities within the DC universe to cope with. Joker won’t ever go down with a combat with regards to having management, so even deities making an attempt possession develop into a serious headache he has to cope with. Not even the promise of Gotham altering powers can persuade Joker to sit down within the backseat inside his personal physique. Whereas this team-up may’ve been an unbelievable second for Joker, it simply finally ends up being a combat between egos that will by no means be suitable.

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