Joo Won Confirmed To Star In New Comedy Crime Drama

Joo Won is returning to the small screen as a civil servant!

tvN’s new drama “Stealer: Seven Joseon Coins” (literal title) is a caper comic action drama in which a mysterious cultural asset thief Skunk and an unofficial cultural asset recovery team Karma collaborate to fight against those who cannot be judged by the law.

Joo Won will play the role of Hwang Dae Myung, a civil servant of the Special Investigation Division of the Cultural Heritage Administration. Hwang Dae Myung is an extraordinary character who cares a lot about the number of annual leaves he has and takes naps during working hours. However, his life becomes even more extraordinary when he is suspected of being in league with the thief Skunk for some reason. As Hwang Dae Myung becomes a member of Karma, anticipation is high for the changes he will face from being a civil servant who simply collects his monthly paychecks to a member of the unofficial cultural asset recovery team that is recruited to catch the Skunk.

Joo Won showcased his broad acting spectrum by starring in various projects such as “Carter,” “Alice,” “My Sassy Girl,” “The Gang Doctor,” “Good Doctor,” “7th Grade Civil Servant,” and “Bridal Mask.” Ahead of the first filming of “Stealer: Seven Joseon Coins,” Joo Won remarked, “It is a very meaningful story even though it is fictional. I was charmed by how the story unfolds in a comical way without getting too dark. I am personally really looking forward to how I will portray this character. We will always do our best and have fun while filming, so please show a lot of interest.”

The production team also shared, “Trustworthy actor Joo Won has met the unique character Hwang Dae Myung. We hope viewers look forward to the synergy between the actor and the character within the uniquely suspenseful [story] surrounding cultural asset crime in Korea.”


“Stealer: Seven Joseon Coins” will start filming with the goal of broadcasting next year. Stay tuned for updates!

While waiting, watch Joo Won in “Alice” below:

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