Joseon Exorcist (2021) Cast & Summary

“Joseon Exorcist” is a fantasy horror historical drama of 2021. It is part of the few historical dramas of 2021. If you like zombies and dark historical dramas, this is for you!

The director Shin KyungSoo previously worked in the popular historical dramas: “Nokdu Flower”, “Six Flying Dragons”, and “Deep Rooted Tree”.

Joseon Exorcist (2021)


  • Title: Joseon Exorcist / Joseongumasa /  조선구마사
  • Director: Shin KyungSoo
  • Writer: –
  • Network: SBS
  • Runtime: From March 22
  • # of Episodes: 16
  • Genre: Historical, Horror
  • Language: Korean


The Korean-style exorcism fantasy of the people who fight to protect the nation against the evil spirits that use human desires to devour Joseon.


Kam WooSung as King TaeJong

45-year-old, he is a cold king.

He doesn’t trust his first son Prince YangNyeong. If needed, he is ready to do sacrifices.

In the past, he was hiding facts about Ahjajel (the evil). But now that things are revealed to the public, he is trying to fight the evil.

Jang DongYoon as Prince ChungNyung

20-year-old, he is the third son of TaeJong.

He is very smart and curious. There are many things he wants to do but many he can’t.

When he followed his father secretly, he happened to see the zombies.

Park SungHoon as Prince YangNyeong

23-year-old, he is the first son of TaeJong.

He is the crown prince and he was born to be the king. He has a lot of confidence but he feels not confident because he does not receive an acknowledgment from his father.

Because he feels not confident, he wants to kill his brother and his father. He met the evil.

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