Jungkook “Seven” MV Faces Crucial Issues: What Happened?

BTS’s multi-talented golden maknae, Jungkook, has just released his first official solo album, “Seven” along with its jaw-dropping MV. Unfortunately, there has been a slight but crucial issue surrounding Jungkook’s “Seven” (ft. Latto) MV. So, what really happened behind the issue? Find out more in the following report and discussions.

Jungkook Faces Crucial Issues About “Seven” Solo Album MV – What Happened?

BTS’s powerful vocalist, Jeon Jungkook, has faced a slight but crucial issue following the release of “Seven” (ft. Latto) solo album and its MV.

On July 16, the Korean media outlet Herald Economy stated that although Jungkook’s “Seven” solo album had been breaking records in Kpop history, a slight issue occurred to the MV and performance video.

According to the report, the credits for “Seven” MV and performance video had not been properly registered using Jungkook’s name. This mistake has affected the MV’s YouTube score, which showed 0 score on Billboard Hot 100.

Although Jungkook rose to the #3 position of the rank after Taylor Swift and The Weeknd, his score for YouTube and Deezer was 0, according to data accumulated by the website KWORB.


If this issue with the credits persists, it will impact Jungkook’s Billboard score aggregation period, potentially leading to a significant drop in his Billboard Hot 100 ranking


Fans immediately realized about the issue. They took this matter to multiple social media platforms, demanding HYBE to properly credit Jungkook for the “Seven” MV and performance video. They are particularly concerned about the issue because this is not the first time that failed credits happened to Jungkook.

A similar situation previously occurred with Jungkook’s World Cup theme song, “Dreamers”. After its release, the MV was mistakenly classified under the “Sports” category on YouTube, which did not contribute to Jungkook’s YouTube score, yielding a score of zero.

While HYBE then revised the issue 10 hours later, it affected Jungkook’s chart score, especially knowing that the first 24 hours after release was extremely crucial.

BIGHIT Releases Official Statements on the Solo Album Issue

As a response to fans’ concerns, HYBE releases an official statement addressing the credits issues for Jungkook’s “Seven” solo album MV and performance video.

On July 16, JTBC released exclusive coverage, reporting a statement from BIGHIT MUSIC regarding the credits issue. According to the report, BIGHIT officially clarified to JTBC that all the “Seven” MV and performance video credits had been properly registered under Jungkook’s name. Therefore, there have been no significant issues with YouTube’s data aggregation.

“The music and performance videos of ‘Seven’ had been correctly registered under Jungkook’s name in the YouTube system. Also, there had been no issues with the YouTube data count as well.”


At the same time, BIGHIT also questioned the credibility of KWORB. Fans have been relying on its data as a website that integrates overseas music charts. However, BIGHIT pointed out that KWORB is not an official website. Therefore, the company believed that it was unreasonable to rely on this unofficial website’s score only.

Jungkook “Seven” (ft. Latto) solo album and MV chart score on July 17 (local time). | Kworb
Jungkook “Seven” (ft. Latto) solo album and MV chart score on July 17 (local time). | Kworb

Jungkook’s “Seven”: A Record-Breaking Album!

Finally, Jungkook’s “Seven” solo album debuted at #1 on Spotify’s Global Top Songs with 15,995,378 filtered streams on its first day. He is now the first male artist from any country to surpass 15 million first-day streams with a new song on Spotify and the second artist in history after Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s “Seven” MV has now become the biggest 24-hour debut of any MV released by a male Kpop artist this year. With approximately 35,489,720 views on YouTube, the MV has now achieved the second-highest number of views by a male Kpop soloist’s MV in its first 24 hours, following PSY’s “Gentleman”.

So, what do you think about what happened behind Jungkook’s solo album issue? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Also, stay with Kpoppost  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram for more Jungkook’s updates.

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