JYP Updates Regarding ITZY Lia’s Status As Well As Other Members’ Test Results

ITZY’s Lia, who recently received a positive COVID-19 test, is currently undergoing treatment. JYP Entertainment released a new statement updating fans about her status as well as the test results of the other members.

Hello this is JYP Entertainment. We are here to update you on ITZY Lia’s status after she received a positive result on February 13. Lia, who has completed two doses of the vaccine, is currently experiencing only mild cough symptoms and is currently receiving treatment at home according to the quarantine authorities. As previously mentioned, Lia received a positive result after using a self-diagnosis kit on February 12. She immediately took a PCR test and received a positive result on the morning of February 13.

According to the results of the other members who took a PCR test, Ryujin and Chaeryung received negative results while Yeji and Yuna received an undecided result. They have taken another test and are currently waiting for the results. We will update you on Yeji and Yuna as soon as we hear the results.

Due to this, the ‘ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting’, that was originally scheduled for February 19, has been postponed. We apologize to the fans that have been waiting for this event. We will inform you of the new dates in a later announcement. We will do our best to help in the recovery and treatment of our artists. Thank you.



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