K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What Does Suzy’s Latest Song ‘Satellite’ Mean?

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Today, we’ll be diving deep into idol, actress, icon, Bae Suzy‘s brand new song ‘Satellite’!

Accompanied by an excellent, cinematic music video featuring PROWDMON’s Monica Shin performing an interpretive dance piece, Suzy is giving us early 2000s pop diva vibes with this song. Described as a “brit-pop” inspired, self-written song, Suzy participated in the production of the song, pouring her soul into this project. While “brit-pop” might be a strong influence, the elements of neo R&B, Soul, shoegaze, and K-indie are what make this song stand out. 

There’s a whimsical and mesmerizing quality to Suzy’s breathy voice that draws you into her world and enchants you with the lyrics. Keep reading for our analysis of Suzy’s ‘Satellite’.


A natural satellite is a planet or star that orbits another planet or star, usually much larger than itself. The moon is the Earth’s satellite and the Earth is the Sun’s satellite. Over the years, this concept of a “satellite” has snowballed into a metaphor for dedication, love, and admiration from afar. Suzy employs this metaphor to express a love lost yet never forgotten, never diminished. 


Why’d you go that far? / You knew I was coming

A satellite is always on an elliptical orbit around its beloved, constantly close yet so far away. Owing to the shape of its orbit, there are moments when it feels close to the one it follows and moments when it’s farther than ever.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What Does Suzy's Latest Song 'Satellite' Mean?

Suzy’s Instagram

I’m a satellite, circling you / I’m a satellite, I can’t reach you

Despite revolving around it at all times, there’s no catching up to the chimera. Suzy compares this ever-elusive mirage of closeness to her beloved and addresses the unending chase that is their relationship.

I just wanna say, I’ll be there where you are / Even if I cry every night and day / It’s not, not, not, not okay / But, I don’t wanna blame ya

A celestial body becomes a satellite only when it is bound by an orbit and while science might have a thousand theories on how these orbits come into being, in the language of the arts, we call it a connection. Suzy’s attachment to her lover might not be conducive to her own independent being but she cannot tear herself away nonetheless. While it might be cathartic to blame one another for how the relationship ended up, the love that created her orbit was too passionate to be dismissed.

K-Pop Lyrics Explained: What Does Suzy's Latest Song 'Satellite' Mean?

Suzy’s Instagram

I break down and fall / Till you come back…I’m always around you / I shine over you

A satellite and its host star/planet are gravitationally bound. If this simple gravitation ever loses its strength, the satellite will fall out of orbit and simply drift away into the void. Suzy associates this loss of gravity with the lack of love in a codependent relationship, negating her value in the absence of her lover. Even when she is burning up, all he sees is her bright light shining over him.

This cosmic chiaroscuro is wonderfully portrayed in Suzy’s concept photos for ‘Satellite’, taking the theme of being one’s moon a step further. Needless to say, Suzy displays pure creative genius with this song and we expected nothing less from the Queen’s musical comeback in almost 4 years. Suzy has matured gracefully, both in terms of her worldview and her art and she continues to bewitch us with her voice. We cannot wait for more music from the golden-voiced songstress.

What is your favourite lyric from Suzy’s ‘Satellite’? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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