Kang Hoon to Become Devoted Police Officer in New Drama “Hunter with a Scalpel”

“The Red Sleeve” and “A Time Called You” actor Kang Hoon will soon showcase his acting improvement in a new novel-adaptation Korean drama, “Hunter with a Scalpel”. Not only will he take on a new role, but Kang Hoon will also be the main character in this new drama. So, what is the new Korean drama about, and what role will Kang Hoon portray in “Hunter with a Scalpel”? Continue reading for a more comprehensive report.

Kang Hoon to Debut as Main Character in New Korean Drama  “Hunter with a Scalpel”

Rising actor Kang Hoon, known for his innocent and gentle smile, will take on the leading character role for the first time!

Since his first acting debut in 2014, Kang Hoon has been showing a rapid improvement in his acting skills and character performances. He managed to show wonderful duality in “The Red Sleeve” and versatile character portrayal in “A Time Called You” and “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”.

Today, after demonstrating significant growth in his acting, actor Kang Hoon will finally star in a new novel-adaptation Korean drama, “Hunter with a Scalpel”. And this time, he will shine as the drama’s main character.


JTBC Entertainment News reported a statement from an entertainment official that actor Kang Hoon would soon appear in the new Korean drama, “Hunter with a Scalpel”. His agency, Npio Entertainment, confirmed the casting and stated that the actor had received the offer.


“Kang Hoon has received the offer to appear in ‘Hunter with a Scalpel’. He is currently reviewing it.” 

Npio Entertainment.

“Hunter with a Scalpel”: A New Novel Adaptation Korean Drama

So, what is the plot of “Hunter with a Scalpel,” and which character will Kang Hoon be portraying?

“Hunter with a Scalpel” is an authentic crime thriller drama with sprinkles of psycho-horror suspense. The main story circles a prominent female law officer suffering from antisocial personality disorder.

Having murdered her own father in the past, the shadow of that experience begins haunting her. Soon, her killing will haunt her, threatening her life and honor as a law enforcement officer.

Actor Kang Hoon enters the story as Jung Jeong Hyun. He is a devoted humanist police officer who believes that all humans basically have good nature. Throughout his career, he has been extremely passionate about solving cases and will gladly do all the good and dirty fieldwork. 

One day, Jeong Hyun meets law enforcement officer Kwan Se Hyun. And everything begins to change as he faces her antisocial personality disorder and gets himself involved with her.

Actor Kang Hoon is set to lead in the new Korean drama "Hunter with a Scalpel." | Twitter
Actor Kang Hoon is set to lead in the new Korean drama “Hunter with a Scalpel.” | Twitter

Directed by Lee Jung Hoon PD, “Hunter with a Scalpel” will broadcast on LG U+ starting in the first half of 2024.

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