Kang Min Ah And Bae Hyun Sung Are More Than Just Coworkers In “Gaus Electronics”

Gaus Electronics” has released another set of stills featuring Kang Min Ah and Bae Hyun Sung!

Webtoon-based comedy drama “Gaus Electronics” will cover the struggles that all office workers can relate to as well as office romance and friendships through the unique characters found in the third division of the company’s marketing department. The drama stars Kwak Dong Yeon, Go Sung Hee, Bae Hyun Sung, Kang Min Ah, Baek Hyun Jin, Baek Soo Jang, Jo Jung Chi, Heo Jung Do, Jeon Suk Chan, and Go Woori.

Bae Hyun Sung will play Baek Ma Tan, the wealthy heir of Gaus Electronics’ rival who has lived his entire life with prosperity. His family is shocked to hear that their son applied and secretly joined their competitor company as a new employee. On the other hand, Geon Gang Mi, who is portrayed by Kang Min Ah, has walked a completely different life path from Baek Ma Tan. Growing up in a comparatively poor family, she is crazily tough on herself and makes painstaking efforts to stay in shape. However, the instant she drinks alcohol, she transforms into someone else with hidden super strength. The two who don’t seem to have anything in common meet each other at Gaus Electronics by chance, and their relationship slowly develops from there.

The stills feature the comical daily lives of Baek Ma Tan and Geon Gang Mi. The two are eating chicken together, previewing how their relationship will gradually grow closer. In particular, Geon Gang Mi gazing at Baek Ma Tan without noticing the chicken sauce around her lips and Baek Ma Tan trying to wipe off the sauce himself while touching her face give hints on the potential romance between the two.


“Gaus Electronics” will premiere on September 30 at 9 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

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