Kang Tae Oh Bids Farewell To Fans + Shares Military-Ready Haircut Ahead Of Enlistment

Kang Tae Oh has bid farewell to fans before his military enlistment!

On September 19, Kang Tae Oh shared photos of his military-ready haircut on Instagram. He wrote in the caption, “I thank everyone for their support and abundant love. I will return bravely. See you soon.”

Several stars left supportive comments on Kang Tae Oh’s post, including Ahn Bo Hyun who wrote with the salute emoji, “Return safely.” Referring to Kang Tae Oh’s new hair, his “Run On” co-star Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung commented, “Chestnut, return well!!!”

Kang Tae Oh will officially enlist in the military on September 20 without any special events. He will receive basic training for four weeks and then serve as an active duty soldier for 18 months. Kang Tae Oh’s expected discharge date is March 19, 2024.


Wishing Kang Tae Oh a safe service!

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